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Hey Sacramento! Here are 5 “cool” steps to a more energy-efficient home

Hey Sacramento! Here are 5 “cool” steps to a more energy-efficient home. Thermometers around Sacramento remain high, with bakin’ hot temperatures here for a while. How is your home handling it?

Replacement windows and entry doors, solar panels, siding, HVAC, and other improvements keep your home well-insulated and energy efficient while keeping you comfortable. Take a look at how these and other upgrades can help you stay cool and save you money during our crazy-hot summers.

Coronado beach house in San Diego

5 “cool” steps to a more energy efficient home – San Diego

If you live in San Diego you look forward to the gorgeous sunny days and spending time by the beach, but you also know high temperatures can cost you energy efficiency of your home. Here are some helpful steps to save energy and enhance your home at the same time.

To keep your house comfortable in the heat and save on long-term cooling costs, you may consider making some improvements to your space. By investing in your home, you’ll reap the rewards of a comfortable and functional place to live, as well as boost its value.

Beautiful Woman by Tree Blooming in the Spring

Hey, Fresno! Here are a few tips on to enhance your home for spring entertaining

It’s spring time and many homeowners are looking for ideas to prepare their homes to entertain their friends and family. How about a great new patio cover, pergola, sunroom or even the popular new Liferoom! Northwest Exteriors offer free, in home estimates and you might be pleasantly surprised at the affordable costs!

Home With New Retrofitted Windows

Retrofit Window Myths

Upgrading your home’s windows is a big choice, and sometimes an intimidating one. Unfortunately, the uncertainty of homeowner’s and the unreliability of certain contractors has led to myths and rumors in the home improvement world. …

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Anlin Glazing Systems

Anlin Glazing Systems

Energy-efficiency is a major deciding factor in your choice for new windows. In recent years, innovators in the home improvement industry have worked hard to maximize the performance of your windows. Competing window manufacturers continue …

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