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Ready for a new point of view? Ply Gem’s superior line of patio doors will help bring the light into your home. A new patio door will make your living space both larger and livelier, and only Ply Gem can bring you the level of beauty that can be appreciated from both the inside and the outside. Whether you are considering installing a sliding door or a french door, Ply Gem offers vinyl framed patio doors of all shapes, styles, and sizes to beautify your home.

Californians have a love-hate relationship with the heat. During the Summer it is an absolute must to keep out the heat to stay cool and comfortable. However, on a rainy day we’d prefer to keep our heat inside. That is why all Ply Gem doors come standard with low-e glass.

Low-e glass is a coating that reflects heat back to its source. This coating, which is no thicker than a human hair, is applied to the inside of the glass. This way, the glass will never scratch and your view of the outside world will stay crystal clear for years to come.

To further insulate your home, Ply Gem uses argon gas to fill the space between both window panes. Argon gas is a non-toxic, odorless gas that conducts half of the heat as the inert gases typically found in inferior products. You’ll find argon gas to be a breath of fresh air for your heating and cooling bill!

PlyGem-Patio Swinging Doors

PlyGem Door’s Impressive Collection

The Ply Gem collection of doors are sure to impress anybody at first sight, but that is just the beginning of the function and beauty that a new patio door can bring. Combining both the innovation of Ply Gem with your artistic insight the sky is the limit.

Anybody walking by your home will appreciate the beauty of your new Ply Gem door, but when guests come over they will notice how your patio door matches your personality and who you are.

Only Northwest Exteriors can provide you with the type of personal and understanding customer service that is necessary to find the perfect fit for you!

Homes throughout California are known for their differing architecture in different regions of the state. As a company native to California, we have acquired a lot of experience making sure that homeowners find the door that is a fit for both your home and your lifestyle. To match your unique sense of style there are many options in different grille styles. Different grille styles will also affect your privacy, how much sunlight gets in the room, and possibly ward off intruders.

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PlyGem Sliding Doors

PlyGem Sliding Patio Doors

Example of a PlyGem french styled sliding patio doors. These are available in multiple types, styles, colors, and options.

PlyGem Swinging Patio Doors

PlyGem Outswing Patio Doors

Example above of PlyGem swinging patio doors which are are available in both out-swing and in-swing, with additional hardware options to fit the desired door types.

Choosing PlyGem Colors and Finishes

The next step after choosing your favorite model of Ply Gem patio doors is deciding which one of our extensive list of colors and finishes is the best fit for you. The right color will not only add to the charm of your door, it will also make the other details of your home pop. Unlike most companies in the home improvement industry, Ply Gem is able to apply different colors for the exterior and interior of your door. This is ideal if the decor of your backyard is different than the inside of your home and you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

A door handle is the first thing you touch when you go inside your home, so we want it to feel like home in the palm of your hands. We offer different options of authentic colored finishes meant to match the color of your patio door and color/styles of your house. Also different options
in locking mechanisms.

On applicable doors there are options in operation (french hinged, center hinge, single panel hinged operation). All low maintenance.

PlyGem Doors are Energy Efficient

No matter how you choose to stylize your new door the strength and beauty will endure the test of time and will continue to look just as great as the day you bought it.

Ply Gem doors are constructed with high quality vinyl that will not warp, will not scratch, and will not let the heat or cold in. You’ll also notice that you’ll be more comfortable inside of your house and that you will be spending less money on heating and cooling.

For more information please complete the form or call:
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