The LifeRoom Experience

Imagine being in the great outdoors
while having all of the comforts of indoor living
at your fingertips.Well, it’s definitely safe to
say that you no longer have to use your imagination in order
to make this happen, and it can all be done within
a matter of seconds.

If this ultra-modern setup sounds too good to be true,
allow us to introduce you to an indoor/outdoor experience like no other with the
technologically advanced LifeRoom and all that it has to offer.

You’re about to enter a world where your physical and
mental environment can be completely changed with the simple touch of a button.
By adding the amenities of a LifeRoom, your comfort and relaxation levels can
be elevated to an even higher plateau. Your senses will be delighted and you may
never want to leave this climate controlled paradise; the choice is yours to make.

Welcome to LifeRoom

Imagine Your Home with a Gorgeous LifeRoom Interior

LifeRoom: Combining Brilliance, Innovation and Technology

LifeRoom isn’t just your average everyday run-of-the-mill room. The entire setup is designed with your utmost comfort in mind. You’ll be able to feel the softness of the cool air circulating around you with the Cool Mist Climate System, and you’ll also be protected from the sun’s harmful rays and nasty insects with the Smooth Glide Motorized Screens.

LifeRoom has often been called an oasis inside the home because of its quick-changing versatility and the ability to create whichever environment suits your needs. Because LifeRoom is an easily retractable setup, this is what we mean by having the great outdoors at your disposal while enjoying the comforts of indoor living at its finest. So when it’s time to relax or do some entertaining, look no further than your very own sanctuary where being in total control of your surroundings is what it’s all about.

LifeRoom on Gorgeous Beach

LifeRoom. Where state-of the-art technology meets total comfort.

Unique. Innovative. Sophisticated.
These words do not even begin to describe the LifeRoom experience.
LifeRoom is so technologically advanced, it makes every room
before it look primitive.

Imagine… remote control screens,
soothing mood lighting, and soft breeze technology.
There’s even a cool mist climate system that can reduce
the room temperature up to 40° F. LifeRoom is the
perfect addition to your home… and your life.

Created to give you an oasis from the stress of
everyday living, LifeRoom lets you escape to a world of tranquility and
comfort, to entertain, watch tv, or just relax.
LifeRoom’s state-of-the-art technology makes
it a room for today and tomorrow…
at a price that’s extremely comfortable
for your budget, too.

LifeRoom- The Best Seat in the House

You’ll Always Have The Best Seat In The House!

Whether it’s game night, or movie night…

LifeRoom is an ideal setup for the present and the future, and the price is suitable for most every budget!

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