Let’s say you’ve had a window company come and give you an assessment and quote for new windows. You’ve even been to the showroom and chosen the ones you want. The new replacement windows have arrived and are ready to be installed. It’s at this point many homeowners act on a bad idea.

You have some friends who work in the trades, and they are willing to come and install your windows for very little money or even a few pizzas. This seems like a great way to save money when it’s flirting with a disaster that could cost you big later on.

Why Professional Window Installation Is Best

  1. Warranty Nullification. Many window companies offer a warranty on new windows when you purchase them, and it’s a good idea to accept this offer. The windows are more than likely being manufactured for your house specifically, with exact dimensions to fit the existing areas.

In the agreement you sign when you purchase your window warranty, there will be certain conditions where the warranty is no longer valid. Having non-professionals install the windows is one of them.

If you have purchased a warranty and don’t hire the window company you bought them from to do the installation, the warranty will probably be void.

Believe it or not, accidents and mishaps can occur no matter how skilled your friends are. If they damage the windows or even crack one of the panes, you’ll buy a new window out of pocket.

There are also specialized skills that expert window installers have that your buddies don’t. They know about repairing the window area, so the new windows seal and adequately prepare your home to prevent damage, among other things.

  1. Cost Savings Benefits Can Be Lost. This is important to understand. As talented as your friends may be, they have not experienced any specifically licensed window installers to do this precision work.

As a result, they could omit vital steps that must be taken to ensure the window is sitting correctly. They could neglect to prep the area by removing rotten or waterlogged areas in the framing. They won’t know the exact steps needed for creating a perfect seal, thus giving you the money-saving benefits of energy-efficient windows.

Improperly installed windows mean you are wasting your money. The investment you made to increase property value, provide better security, and protect you from the elements will also be lost along with the energy cost savings. Quite simply, saving a few bucks and having your friends do the work isn’t worth it when you think how much it will cost you over time.

Learn More About the Importance of Professional Window Installation

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