Home maintenance is something that is constantly on the minds of property owners. After all, keeping your home up to date helps it hold its value. One of the most popular projects is replacing windows and doors. It’s one of the best ways to get a great return on investment.

Some homeowners decide to replace only the windows and hold off on replacing the doors. We recommend doing it simultaneously because there are so many benefits, the main one being efficiency.

Benefits of Replacing Windows and Doors Together

Here are a few reasons why you should consider this dual project:

  •  No special permits. Most areas do not require any special permitting for replacing both at the same time, as long as you aren’t making any changes to the structure itself. This would include widening door frames or window openings.
  •  Energy savings. Most homeowners know that new windows will help them keep energy costs down. But they don’t often consider that doors will do the same.
  •  Upgrading to energy-efficient makes sense. If you are installing new energy-efficient windows, it doesn’t make sense to keep drafty doors. It negates the savings you are hoping to achieve.
  •  Lower labor costs. By doing both projects at the same time, you are saving hundreds, if not thousands, in additional labor costs.

Additional Advantages to Window/Door Replacement

As if the above reasons weren’t enough to consider replacing windows and doors simultaneously, you should also consider these benefits:

  • It allows you to have consistent aesthetics. As you go through the process of choosing your window material and style, you can select doors that coordinate and beautify your home as a whole. With so many choices in both window and door styles, you can upgrade the look of your home or change it altogether.
  •   It allows you to have enhanced security. If your windows are outdated and easily accessed by thieves, your doors probably are as well. By choosing materials that provide a more robust defense in all accessible areas, you significantly improve security for your family. It may also help you lower your insurance premiums.
  • It provides better protection against storms and invasive pests. If you have rotting wood around any of your window or door frames, this is an open invitation to water from inclement weather as well as boring insects. It just makes sense to shore up any part of your home that is at risk.
  • Both window and door replacement have attractive return on investment benefits. Replacing a door costs less than $1,000 but can easily add security, energy, and aesthetic advantages that translate into a much higher home value. And window replacement can have a return on investment value exceeding 75%.

Learn More About Window & Door Replacement Projects

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