In these eco-conscious times, more and more people worldwide are doing their best to make the right decisions for our planet regarding consumption. That also holds when making improvements to our homes. Thousands of people are upcycling wood, bricks, and other materials of good quality and longevity.

When clients ask about vinyl as an eco-friendly choice, we tell them the truth. There are many benefits for the planet when you choose to have vinyl replacement windows installed.

Isn’t Wood the Most Eco-Friendly?

Yes, but not as much as vinyl windows. While wood windows are beautiful, and making custom windows from wood is easier, vinyl windows provide better energy efficiency and less upkeep.

The 4 Main Environmental Benefits of Vinyl Windows

If you’re on the fence about the choice between wood and vinyl windows, here are some advantages that vinyl has regarding the environment:

  1. Lower Energy Bills. Modern manufactured windows are incredibly efficient in saving energy inside the home. They provide better insulation from the elements and severe weather. Keeping the temperature inside the structure stabilized. This means your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain your selected interior temperature.
  2. Eco-Friendly & Simple Maintenance. This is where the maintenance of your new windows comes into play. You are expending resources every time you use resources and cleaning products on the upkeep of your windows.

Paint, chemicals, sealants, and other maintenance materials are required for different window types, whereas vinyl needs a quick wash periodically. And when it comes to washing vinyl windows, much less water is required.

  1. Sustainability. Vinyl windows are manufactured and designed to last many years into the future. They are most often recyclable and require less petroleum in their manufacture than other plastic materials. One main ingredient in vinyl is salt, which is, of course, a standard, renewable resource.
  2. Home Value. Whenever homeowners invest in their property, they want to be sure the investment holds its value for many years and increases home equity. Replacing windows adds essential value to your home if the windows are installed professionally and correctly.

Homes with new windows can expect to recover up to 71% of the replacement cost when they sell.

Choosing the Right Sustainable Vinyl Windows

Did you know that 15-20% of the wall surface area comprises windows? That means choosing the right windows is of the utmost importance for insulation and energy savings. When we consume less energy, the environment benefits, and so do we.

Shopping for the best eco-friendly windows includes researching the various energy ratings given by government agencies. These will be marked on the sample windows of your local window company. If they aren’t, ask for them. The correct energy rating can make all the difference in maximizing your cost-saving benefits.

Learn More About Eco-Friendly Vinyl Windows

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