Northwest Exterior 5 Reasons to Use Vinyl Replacement Windows

Over the past few years, Polyvinyl Chloride or what we better know as Vinyl has emerged to be one of the most popular choices for replacement window materials. Here are top 5 reasons why homeowners now consider vinyl windows to be worthy investments.

#1. They are extremely energy-efficient. Vinyl windows are great thermal insulators that lock the heat in during the winters and keep the indoors cool during summers, thus helping you make significant savings on energy bills.

#2. The varied design options available. When you decide to go for vinyl replacement windows you have the option of choosing from a wide variety of designs, colors, styles and sizes.

#3. They are relatively low maintenance. Apart from the fact that they never require sanding and painting, these windows are almost 100% scratch free and clean easily with soap and water.

#4. An inexpensive alternative to other options. Good, elegant looking, high-quality vinyl is a great deal more durable and costs way less than the other popular window materials like wood and aluminum.

#5. They are easily recyclable. Vinyl windows can be recovered and recycled to produce other useful products as they are easy to melt and mold, like any the other thermoplastic.

Some More Interesting Facts About Vinyl Windows

  • They were first produced in Germany in 1954 to counter the shortage of wood and rising prices of aluminum.
  • They were first introduced in the United States of America back in 1964, by Thermal Industries.
  • Consumers in the U.S. started to take them into serious consideration in the 1970s, when they faced energy crisis.
  • These days more than half of the residential windows market share comes from the vinyl windows sales.

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