Enhance the beauty of your home while saving energy and money with replacement french doors by Anlin.

Anlin French Swinging Doors

If you’re looking to enhance the beauty of your home while saving money on energy costs, Anlin’s Malibu Replacement Swinging French doors can help you to achieve both. With high-quality materials and low-maintenance vinyl included as standard features, you’ll likely be more than happy with the final outcome. We also carry a variety of frame colors, door handles, grid styles and patterns, as well as four different choices in glass patterns. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the QuadraTherm Ultimate Dual Pane Insulation System or the Infinit-e Plus High Performance Glazing System, both of which are designed with twenty-first century technologies in order to save energy and money.

It’s also important to point out that our QuadraTherm system will be at your disposal year-round, meaning that you can stay cool when it’s hot outside and stay warm when it’s cold outside. When it comes time to make a decision on what will best suit your needs, the list below may be an instrumental tool in helping you choose a new set of French doors

Anlin Labels and Certifications

Anlin Performance Rating and Certification

When making a choice as to which setup will work best for you and your home’s interior/exterior, you’ll want to know about thermal performance and energy saving certifications.

  • We’ve received the Gold label of certification from the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association)
  • Also certified in thermal performance by the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council)

Anlin Swing French Door Security

The Anlin Tri-mechanism lock system is made from stainless steel, plus adding a dead-bolt lock system for a nearly impenetrable setup. The keyed lock activates three solid metal posts, one each at the top, middle and bottom of door, while a dead bolt adds yet another level of security.

Anlin Swinging French Door 3 Point Lock

Frame Options and Rail Styles

Frame Options and Rail Styles

The Anlin french swinging door frame options include Contemporary, Brickmould and Block. Rail styles are available in Standard Style, 2 1/2″ rail or French Styule with a 4 1/2″ Rail

Popular French Swinging Door Configurations

All swing doors can be in-swing or out-swing as an option. Sidelights can be operable, opening inward, and with screens on the outside.

French Door Configurations

Anlin Door Color Options

Anlin French Door Color Options

The white and tan door frame colors are standard for the inside and outside of all Anlin sliding doors. As additional options, our customers can choose from 12 of the popular ThermaCoat colors to further enhance the beauty of your home. We’ve installed many Anlin doors and windows and our customers are always quite pleased with the completed project.

Anlin French Swinging Door Handles

Choose from the Traditional or Contemporary door handle styles and four different finishes including white, bronze, satin nickel or polished brass.  Each one provides its own style of elegance and one is sure to fit your home’s own unique look.

Anlin Swinging Door Handle Options

Anlin Glass Grid Styles and Patterns

Anlin Glass Patterns, Grids and Grooves

Insulated Glass Unit – All Anlin Doors are built standard with one of two exclusive Glazing Systems: Infinit-e Plus High Performance Glazing System or QuadraTherm Ultimate Dual Pane Insulation System. Both lead the industry in thermal performance.

In addition to the clear, Low-E glass (standard), all doors can be ordered with any of the glass patterns as shown. Then, V-Groove glass has a pattern that is precision engraved on the side of the glass that faces the insulating air space. This provides an elegant, decorative effect while leaving your doors smooth and easy to clean. The glass patterns and V-Groove glass are available as shown below.

Standard Features Overview + Safety Glass

We’ve covered many of the most popular Anlin features above, but perhaps a short overview is worth an extra look. All Anlin french doors come standard with optional tempered glass, which if broken, disintegrates into hundreds of small pieces, thereby helping prevent a possible injury. More basic features include:

  • Additional security: the exterior glazed process ensures that the insulated glass-to-frame seal can be accessed solely from the inside of your home
  • Contoured door handles provide an attractive aesthetic, as well as adding seamless comfort while opening and closing
  • Three-way adjustable hinges and an all-aluminium threshold
  • Reinforced Panels
  • Platinum Elite™ three-chambered silicone/foam spacer can result in lower sound transmission, U-factors, and a considerable amount of condensation resistance
  • Corners are fusion welded with multiple insulation chambers for maximum energy efficiency and watertight capabilities
  • Compression glazing procedure forms a gasket around the insulated glass, thus creating a watertight seal
  • Condensation levels can be considerably reduced with our dual wall glazing structure on the frame and the sash
  • Numerous combinations to enhance the attractiveness of any home
  • Tempered glass only: if breakage does occur, the glass will crumble into tiny little pieces instead of sharp and harmful shards of glass
  • Full lifetime warranty: unintentional breaking of glass, parts, and labor

Infinate-Plus System Example

High Performance Glazing Options

Anlin french doors are built with one of two exclusive Glazing Systems: Infinit-e™ (standard) Plus High Performance Glazing System or QuadraTherm™ (optional) Ultimate Dual Pane Insulation System. Both lead the industry in thermal performance.

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