The timeless beauty and expert craftsmanship of these doors make them a favorite of homeowners and builders alike.


It is no secret that Californians have a taste for the finer things, especially when it comes to their homes. Instead of fitting in with the rest of the neighborhood, we know that you would much rather have a home that makes a statement.

Enter Builders Choice, California’s premiere manufacturer of exterior doors. The timeless beauty and expert craftsmanship of these doors make them a favorite of homeowners and builders alike. The Builders Choice commitment to quality continues to exceed the standards of the home improvement industry, and we at Northwest Exteriors are proud to be part of their tradition of excellence.

Builders Choice Quality

Entry doors are the most important aspect in defining the overall look of your home. It is the first thing that your neighbors will notice, and even more importantly will be the first thing you’ll see when you come home.

The catalog of entry doors by Builders Choice has distinguished itself with their unique approach to style and artistry. Their attention to detail is unrivaled, and it shows.

Builders Choice creates their doors from hemlock and knotty alder, which are some of the sturdiest hardwoods available on the market. Even so, these woods are soft enough to give their doors an organic look and feel. This remarkable material is perfect for crafting the stiles and rails to hold together the glass inserts, decorative carvings, and mullion that make these doors one of a kind.

The wood used by Builders Choice is responsibly grown and sustainably managed so that you can take pride in minimizing your impact on the environment. You’ll also be happy to know that stile and rail doors are 400 times more energy-efficient than steel doors, which will give you significant savings on your heating and cooling bill!

Door Options

We want you to have a grand entrance to your home that matches you, your home, and your personality… so that’s why we have many options to make the door of your dreams come to life.

These stile and rail exterior doors are available in craftsman, country, French, and traditional styles.

Builders Choice Door Styles

Builders Choice Door Kits

Kits and Warranty

But this is just the beginning of what doors by Builders Choice can offer your home. In addition to the endless possibilities in lite and paneling, you will also have extensive options in:

  • Shelf blocks
  • Speakeasy kits
  • Clavos

No matter what architectural style your home has, we guarantee that Builders Choice has a door to bring out the charm of your home and set it apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

Why Builders Choice + Northwest Exteriors

As Northern California’s favorite retailer of entry doors, Northwest Exteriors is honored to be a part of the Builders Choice commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. If you plan on upgrading your entry door, trust the friendly consultants and expert technicians at Northwest to bring you the full benefits of a Builders Choice entry door.

Northwest Exteriors is a Retailer of Builders Choice Doors

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