If you’re curious about the cost of vinyl siding, we can help. This guide will cover all the important factors that influence vinyl siding costs in Greater Sacramento and the surrounding Bay Area.

While overall expenses vary from contractor to contractor, there are some factors that remain constant when it comes to home siding installation costs.


What Affects the Cost of Vinyl Siding Installation?

One main factor that determines the cost of vinyl siding is the quality of materials used. While higher-quality options cost more, they offer better durability and require less upkeep.

The size of your property also plays a role in determining the cost, as larger homes will require more siding and result in increased overall expenses. The complexity of installation is another factor to consider. If you have unique design elements on your home, such as rounded windows or historic architectural features, it may require extra time and work for installation, which can add to the overall cost.

Contractor fees are yet another component to keep in mind. The cost of vinyl siding installation can vary based on a contractor’s experience, skill level, and service area.

What to Include in Vinyl Siding Cost Calculations

Here’s a quick breakdown of things that you should expect to pay for:


Vinyl siding materials typically range from $3 to $12 per square foot, depending on their quality level.

 Budget-friendly options start at around $3 per square foot, while premium-grade alternatives can go up to $12 per square foot. Intermediate materials generally average between $6 to $8 per square foot.


Labor costs for vinyl siding installation, especially if you choose a reputable local company with an expert team, will range from $4 to $9 per square foot and can be more depending on the complexity of the installation process as well as your home’s location.

When developing a budget for a home improvement project, it is crucial to take all factors into account that affect the price, such as investing in high-quality materials, experienced contractor fees, and evaluating the size of the property.

Extra Expenses

Vinyl siding installation may entail additional expenses like old siding removal, supplementary materials, and acquiring proper permits.

In addition to material and labor costs, you will also need to calculate the cost of old siding removal, if applicable, add-on materials like trim or insulation, and any repairs to the home’s structure that may be necessary for the project to proceed. Removal of old vinyl siding typically costs a couple of dollars per square foot.

Calculating Vinyl Siding Installation’s Total Cost

A typical total cost estimate calculation for a 2500-square-foot home in the Sacramento area looks like this:

Materials: Mid-grade siding material at around $7 sq/ft = $17,500

Labor: Using the average price of $6 sq/ft for installation = $15,000*

*Remember to ask the contractor about extra costs if your home has rounded windows or complex architectural features.

Add-on expenses: Old vinyl removal at $1 per sq/ft = $2,500

Permits: Averaging around $600 = $600

This gives us a total expense for vinyl siding installation. In our example home scenario, the full cost comes to approximately $35,600.

Regarding the Cost of Removing Vinyl Siding

The average price for this service is between $1-2 per square foot. However, if you have two stories or more, have hard-to-reach areas, or the conditions are difficult, it could affect the price. Speak with your contractor for an accurate assessment and quote.

Vinyl Siding Installation Permits

The fees for permits differ, depending on where your home is and the local regulations. The average cost is between $200-900 and includes the inspection fee, which ensures your home is up to code. The cost could change if your home needs to be in compliance. Contact the local building authorities in your area and ask questions so your permitting can proceed without issues.

Exploring the Advantages of Vinyl Siding and Expert Contractor Selection

Modern vinyl siding is growing in popularity again, thanks to more durable materials, color selections, and style options. But there are more benefits to vinyl siding, including:

Better Performance

With a strong resistance against severe weather and extreme temperatures, vinyl siding offers high durability. It’s also resistant to insect damage and rot in comparison to other siding materials.

Minimal Maintenance

Vinyl siding demands significantly less upkeep than other material choices. Painting or staining isn’t necessary; simply clean it with soap and water as needed.

 Vast Design Options

Homeowners can easily find an array of colors and styles that match their home’s architectural style and satisfy their personal tastes.

Energy Savings

By providing insulation and regulating heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer, vinyl siding improves a home’s overall energy efficiency.

Selecting the Perfect Vinyl Siding Contractor

While hundreds of siding contractors vie for attention, your focus should be on a local expert with a great reputation. Find one by reading online reviews, talking to neighbors who’ve recently hired a contractor, and researching the market.

Once you’ve found a few candidates, get quotes from at least three of them. Ask for their references and check their BBB rating. Then verify their references and check out their recent jobs for yourself.

You can also check the contractor’s company name for various certifications, like the National Association of Homebuilders or the Vinyl Siding Institute.

Ask for a copy of their insurance policies covering liability and worker’s compensation. This is crucial to make sure you won’t be held liable for any incidents or damages that occur as the project progresses.


Homeowners seeking to improve their homes’ curb appeal should consider vinyl siding an excellent choice. Though costs may vary depending on factors such as material quality, home size, and installation complexity, those residing in the Sacramento or Bay Area should anticipate spending around $35k on average when covering a 2,500-square-foot residence with vinyl siding.

It is vital to carefully choose a qualified contractor with proper insurance coverage to fully enjoy all benefits of this type of enhancement, including longevity, durability, and lower energy costs.

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