Most of us take windows for granted without knowing that the right ones can bring aesthetic, monetary, energy, and security benefits. Not only can the right window change the look of a room or your home’s exterior, but it can also increase its value.

Most people do know that if windows aren’t properly installed, they can increase your monthly energy bills. But did you know that the right type of window can block UV rays, providing optimal, consistent temperatures? Modern window types utilize advanced materials that perform better than ever when it comes to energy savings.

One such window brand is Anlin. These windows are wildly popular with homeowners and with good reason. They provide outstanding performance, offer a wide array of style options, and outlast many of their competitors.

If you’re researching window brands, read on to discover why thousands of homeowners choose Anlin.

Understanding ENERGY STAR and Anlin Windows

To cash in on those energy savings we spoke about, check the window’s ENERGY STAR rating. The government inspects windows manufactured in the U.S. and gives them a rating to help consumers make the best choice for their investment.

Anlin windows proudly meet and exceed ENERGY STAR’s criteria, some products by a whopping 45%. Anlin confirms their windows featuring Argon Gas surpass the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and U-Factor requirements set by the program.

An Attractive Array of Anlin Window Lines

With such a wide selection of elegant window lines to choose from, homeowners can find exactly the type and style they’re looking for.

Catalina Windows is for you if you want sturdy, energy-efficient windows with classic simplicity. They come in geometric, single-hung, single-glider, and picture types. They are eminently practical and functional.

If you dream of a picturesque view overlooking your property, Panoramic Windows are an excellent choice. The thin framing allows maximum natural light to flood the space while providing breathtaking views.

If you’re after a luxe feel, the Del Mar series is a premier line combining energy efficiency with unparalleled aesthetics. Available in four styles, this series of windows exceeds ENERGY STAR goals by 45%. If you want an upscale look with lower energy costs, this is your best option.

Adding complementing windows to a space can level up the look of any home, no matter the architectural style. Coronado Windows provides an opportunity to add an open feel to any room in your home. They are available as awning, double-hung, casement, and bay styles.

Monte Verde Windows is an affordable, high-quality option for smaller homes or condos. They offer superior energy efficiency and durability.

For a sleek, modern look and clean lines, check out the Anlin Bay View Window series. A more impressive window option is hard to find.

What About Quality & Cost?

Anlin has experienced incredible growth for over thirty years thanks to its commitment to high quality and optimal energy efficiency. This has made Anlin a frontrunner in a competitive industry, well ahead of its industry peers. A wealth of stellar online reviews solidifies their status as beloved pioneers in beneficial product development.

Built to Last

Each Anlin series shares a common trait: exceptional durability. All materials chosen for their manufacturing process must adhere to strict requirements for longevity.  This makes Anlin Windows a safe, solid investment that gives you confidence and peace of mind.

Energy-Saving Innovations

There are many reasons why Anlin is considered the top choice for energy efficiency. They are accredited by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, the National Fenestration Rating Council, and ENERGY STAR.

Features that make Anlin windows superior are Titanium Dioxide Infused Vinyl Extrusions, Triple-fin weatherstrips, and high-performance glass, just to name a few. This allows homeowners to reap the benefits of lower energy bills without sacrificing comfort.

Generous Lifetime Warranty

Anlin is so confident about its quality that it offers a double lifetime warranty. The warranty covers repairs, labor, and shipping and is also transferable if you sell your home in the future.

Affordable Pricing

After learning about all the amazing benefits of Anlin windows, you might be thinking about the cost. If you’re assuming they’re not affordable, you’d be wrong. Anlin is dedicated to providing top quality at reasonable prices. This strategy allows more homeowners to experience the outstanding benefits of these superior windows.

Learn More About Anlin Windows for Your Home

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Anlin windows are proudly crafted in the western United States, allowing American homeowners to support the manufacturing and product development industries. And by choosing such an energy-efficient product, you’re helping the environment and making life better for all who live here.

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