The summer heat is upon us throughout California, which at times may limit our outdoor fun and relaxation. Northwest Exteriors has a solution for your summer heat issues with our numerous offerings of patio covers and sunrooms. Installing a patio cover or sunroom allows enjoyment of the beautiful summer months without the intense heat that has limited your pleasure in the past.

Northwest Exteriors has a wide range of options that can be custom build to match your home and family’s needs. All of our patio covers are built with high quality materials, and with our expert craftsmanship and installation of our staff, your patio cover will be a strong and durable addition to your home. All covers are designed to withstand winds over 110 miles per hour, so you can have the peace of mind that your cover will endure even the toughest of elements. Our patio covers are virtually maintenance free and never need painting. This mean you reap all the benefits of your summer escape without any work to keep it up.

There are three categories of patio covers that Northwest offers – open, roofed, and enclosed. Our enclosed options, also known as sunrooms, allow you to add an affordable room to your home while letting in the sun and outdoor experience. These sunrooms make for a perfect play room for the kids or a relaxing escape room for a relaxing read.

Let Northwest Exteriors build your outdoor get-away this summer, and maximize your summer fun. With custom designs, Northwest has the perfect option to fit the style of any home and the desires of your family.