One of the most common questions our clients ask is about which window screen is best suited for their home.

At Northwest Exteriors, we love helping homeowners make informed decisions. So, when it comes to the age-old debate on fiberglass vs. aluminum window screens and which one reigns supreme, we’re here with expert advice. Which contender takes the prize? Read on to find out.

What Window Screens Do

Before we delve into the key differences, let’s refresh your memory on what function window screens actually perform in a home. They keep out annoying bugs, allow fresh air to circulate inside the home, and can even add a layer of security. They also play a role in energy efficiency, regulating temperature, and keeping your interior climate comfortable.

Fiberglass vs. Aluminum Window Screens: A Comparison

Lifespan and Durability

When comparing longevity properties, fiberglass often comes out on top. It’s less vulnerable to corrosion and weathering. But in terms of tensile strength, aluminum screen mesh provides better protection against punctures and tears.

Visual Appeal

While the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, many homeowners love the smoother finish of fiberglass screen mesh for its sleek, modern look.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Both types require a gentle touch. But fiberglass has a slight edge due to its resistance to sagging or stretching.

Price Comparison of Aluminum and Fiberglass Window Screens

Aluminum screens typically come with a heftier price tag. But the initial investment might be worth the benefits in durability and strength.

Environmental Impact

The recyclability of aluminum is much higher than fiberglass. In terms of the environmental impact of fiberglass and aluminum window screens, aluminum takes a slight lead as being gentler on the planet.

Energy Efficiency and Other Properties

Aluminum metal screens can conduct heat, affecting the thermal properties of a window setup. However, fiberglass provides better insulation. According to, fiberglass window frames are dimensionally stable and have air cavities that can be filled with insulation, giving them superior thermal performance compared to other screen types. When it comes to soundproofing differences, fiberglass wins again due to its denser makeup.

Choosing the Right Screen: A Comprehensive Guide

We’ve talked about the main differences between aluminum and fiberglass window screens, but how do you decide which one is right for you? Here’s some factors that could help in your decision-making process:


Identifying the primary function you want the screen to perform might affect your decision. If you need maximum strength and durability in high-traffic areas or have pets, aluminum could be your best bet. However, if visual appeal is equally important as its durability, consider opting for fiberglass.


Your budget might be better able to determine which window screen is best for your home. Aluminum does come with a higher price tag but pays dividends long-term.

Environmental Concerns

For the environmentally conscious, aluminum screens have an edge thanks to their recyclability. Choosing an aluminum screen as a sustainable option will score points for eco-friendliness.

Location and Weather

Your geographical location and local climate both play crucial roles in your choice of window screen material. If you live in a coastal area with high exposure to salt and moisture, fiberglass resists corrosion better. However, if you live in a place where animals or sharp objects are threats to your screens, robust aluminum is a better bet.


Fiberglass screens offer better insulation, visual appeal, and resistance to weathering, while aluminum boasts superior tensile strength and recyclability. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs, environment, and priorities.

Learn More About High-Quality Window Screens From the Pros

Both fiberglass and aluminum options have a lot to offer. Fiberglass is a popular choice for affordability, durability, excellent ventilation, visibility, and protection against insects. On the other hand, aluminum screens are incredibly sturdy and a perfect, long-lasting, and reliable option that can withstand severe weather conditions.

The team of experienced professionals at Northwest Exteriors can guide you through the decision-making process with expert advice tailored to your specific needs. Our unparalleled customer service and extensive industry knowledge can benefit you as you decide.

With Northwest Exterior’s exclusive range of superior-quality window screens and professional installation services, you’ll gain valuable ventilation while keeping pesky insects outside where they belong.

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