Protecting the value of your property comes naturally to homeowners. After all, your home is the most significant investment you’ll make in your lifetime. Making the most of what you own is also important. That’s why creating extra square footage outside is such an intelligent investment.

Outside areas can be transformed into comfortable “extra rooms” your family can enjoy during the nicer months. It also adds value to your property as well as extra living space.

Outdoor areas like patios are the quickest way to enjoy the outdoors for the smallest investment and increase your home’s beauty and value. And once you have the patio, it’s wise to invest in a patio cover.

Benefits of a Patio Cover

1. It Adds More Options to Living Space – In the summer months, many families don’t venture outside for very long due to the sweltering heat. But if your patio is covered, you can enjoy a nice, shady area for hours on end. Add some outdoor furniture and a pretty fountain, and you’ll soon think you’re at some faraway resort.
2. Weather Protection – A patio cover protects your landscaping in inclement weather and provides shelter on rainy days. Instead of being stuck inside while it pours, a patio cover allows you to sit outside and enjoy the gentle sound of raindrops.
3. Energy Savings – This benefit may not occur to everyone, but it’s a big one. Your back-facing windows make your home hotter in the summer months. Adding a patio cover keeps your air cooling system from working too hard.
4. Increases Home Value – Adding outdoor square footage to your home increases its value for potential buyers. Established outdoor living spaces also help them imagine how they would enjoy the area with their families. A patio cover makes it more likely that a potential buyer will perceive an increased value in your home.

Finding the Right Patio Cover

Many types of patio covers are available, including permanent awnings, retractable awnings, sails, and wooden structures. A professional patio cover company can help you choose the right one for your home’s style and your family’s needs.
A representative will visit your home and take measurements of the space, then show you options that would work best on your property.

How to Enjoy Your Patio Cover Investment

Once your patio cover is installed, have fun creating your new outdoor living space. Find outdoor rugs, weather-proof furniture, potted plants, and decorative items to make the space somewhere you love to spend time.
You may find that your initial layout needs to be tweaked once you’ve spent some time on it. Don’t be afraid to rearrange your configuration or add elements to fit your lifestyle.

Learn More About Patio Covers for Your Home

Northwest Exteriors has been helping homeowners create outdoor patio areas for decades. We can help you too! Contact us today for more details on creating the perfect patio living space with our professionally-installed patio covers. You’ll be glad you did!