Replacing windows in your home requires the exacting eye of a seasoned professional to do the job properly. Hiring an expert team will not only save you time and effort, but it will also save you money in the long run. Improperly installed windows can leave openings around the window perimeter that allow energy to seep out, leaving you with higher energy bills.

Once you have met with your local window replacement company and chosen the right type of windows for your home, there will probably be a waiting time while your windows are manufactured. Before the installation team arrives to do the work, there are some tasks the installers need to complete.

Before Installation Day

  • The job leader assigned to your installation will arrive at your home to ensure the team has precise measurements of all your windows. They will then take notes on all the materials needed to complete your project quickly and without delay.
  • A support team member in the order office thoroughly checks the job leader’s notes, making sure the ordered materials are exactly what is required for your project.
  • You will receive notification in the mail that your installation has been scheduled and there may be some small tasks you need to complete on your property to speed up the process.
  • Once your windows arrive from the factory, the job leader will contact you to firm up the installation date.

On Installation Day

Before leaving the facility, the job leader again checks the ordered windows to make sure they are exactly the dimensions ordered for your home. After this pre-check, the team makes their way to your property.

After the team arrives they will complete the following tasks before beginning installation:

  • The job leader will do a walk-through around your home’s perimeter to ensure there are no obstructions like overgrown bushes or low-hanging tree branches.
  • The team installs the windows quickly and efficiently.
  • The job leader makes another walk-through, making sure any debris from the project has been removed and that the area is safe. They may also vacuum inside the home to remove dust stirred up during the process.
  • The job leader inspects the windows carefully for a tight vacuum seal around each window. At this time they may also instruct you how to open and close the windows properly for ventilation or cleaning.
  • Once you are satisfied that the team has properly installed your windows, you will be asked to sign off on a successfully completed project. If you have any questions or concerns, this is the time to speak with the job leader about them. The job leader will write them down and ask the customer service department to contact you.

After Project Completion

Once the job is done, the customer service department will follow up with replies to your questions or concerns and ask for a customer service rating. If you are happy with both the product and the work, it helps the window replacement company to have your positive feedback. It also helps your neighbors to know which companies in the area are reputable.

Learn More About the Window Replacement Process

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