Your front door is one of the first things people notice about your house. It is a big part of the curb appeal that gives homeowners a sense of pride. It also plays a significant role in energy savings and your family’s security. If you’ve owned your home for a decade or more, you may be considering replacing this critical part of your exterior. The next thing you are most likely wondering is how much it will cost.

Budgeting for a new front door installation isn’t something that will take long to do. The average cost of door replacement nationally is around $1,000. Depending on your chosen material, it can even be as low as $500.


Factors that Affect Front Door Costs

Four things influence the cost of a new front door:

  •  Materials
  •  Labor
  •  Hardware
  •  Frame

Let’s break these down one by one.

Materials – The material is also affected by the size and type, whether it’s a standard manufactured door or a custom-made one. Standard sizes are 30, 32, or 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall and just short of 2 inches thick. Anything outside this range means you must have a door manufactured to fit the threshold.

The type of material your door is made from also affects the cost. The lower-cost materials include wood and fiberglass, while the higher-end consists of steel, wrought iron, and aluminum.

Labor – The average hourly rate for an expert door installation is around $70. A skilled installation is highly recommended. A professional will know if the framing needs to be repaired or replaced. The process is faster when you hire a licensed installation professional.

Hardware – Homeowners are often responsible for acquiring the hardware necessary for installation. These items include screws, hinges, doorknobs, locks, thresholds, and jambs. Be sure to ask your door installation company which items you may be responsible for before the installation date.

Frame – Before the installation, your door replacement company will visit your home to see if the front door frame needs to be repaired or replaced. If there is long-term wear, soft wood, rotting wood, or hacks in the frame, they will recommend having a new frame installed to ensure proper fit and security. Having a new door frame constructed can add to the overall cost of replacing your front door.


Other Costs to Consider

If you are having your front door entry relocated after a renovation or to create a new entryway, this will also add to your installation costs. It typically costs around $1,800 – $2,000 to relocate a front door entry.

Other costs may include custom doors for size or style, solid doors as opposed to hollow ones, or adjustments to the wall surrounding the door frame.


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