Your home is an investment for a lifetime. So when it comes to window replacement, you’ll probably only need to do it once while you own your home. That means the investment you’re about to make is a big one. It’s worth your time and effort to make sure the windows installed in your home are of first-rate quality.

Most homeowners have no idea where to begin when comparing the quality of new windows. If you’ve never worked in the building trades or don’t have any friends who do, how will you know what to look for? This handy guide will provide you with some basic tips.

Checking Window Quality

  1. The first thing to check is materials. Whether you’re buying vinyl, wood, or other material, it must be manufactured with the best materials if it will stand the test of time. Some items to inspect closely are the frames, glass panes, and spacers. Check for tight seals on the panes, cracks or dents in the frames, etc. These can usually be detected by an untrained eye.
  2. Inspect all types of frames from your potential installer. The various types are wood, aluminum, composite, vinyl, or a hybrid of materials. Do all types show a consistently good quality? Are all of them equally well-constructed?
  3. Next inspect the various types of panes. Does your potential installer provide options for panes depending on your needs? The types of panes should include single, double, triple, or quad glazed. Ask for a demonstration of the window’s UV blocking and insulating properties.
  4. Finally, you need to know the window’s energy efficiency. The NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) and Energy Star rating system are two gauges of quality. Go to these websites and type in the window manufacturer. Then look for the following ratings:
  •       Condensation Resistance (high number is best)
  •       U-Factor (the low number is best)
  •       Visible Transmittance
  •       Air Leakage (the low number is best)
  •       Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (the low number is best)

Another Important Factor in Window Quality

Once you have established the excellent quality of windows to be installed, research the supplier and their service record. Investing in quality windows won’t do you much good if the installer’s work is shoddy. Improperly installed replacement windows could end up costing you money instead of saving it.

Look for online reviews to see the takeaway experience others had with the company. Are their Google and Yelp reviews good? What about Angie’s List and other home services consolidators?

Does the company provide a warranty on both the work and the product? If so, ask for a written copy before you hire them. Be sure to read the fine print.

And finally, if you have any questions about the installation team it is best to ask those before the work begins. Ask for credentials. You want certified, expert crews installing your windows.

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