SHAKERTOWN® Exterior Wood Siding

The natural beauty of Cedar exterior siding is beyond compare and Shakertown is a popular choice for all wood sidings.

Shakertown® Exterior Cedar Wood Siding

When it comes to cedar exterior siding for your home you’d be hard pressed to find a wood siding product better than ShakerTown. The natural beauty is beyond compare and our friends at Shakertown embrace the beauty and value of the past, present and future. After all, character is built over time … layer by layer. Currently, ShakerTown offers four popular choices for exterior wood siding including the Shakertown® Craftsman 1-Course Cedar Shingle Panels, Cedar Cove® shingle panels, the classic Dolly Varden tongue & grooved Western Red Cedar Paneling and the new Shakertown Tahoe™ cedar shingle panels. Then, there’s plenty more options but no matter your choice, for the best cedar wood siding products on the market, Northwest Exteriors suggests SHAKERTOWN.

Shakertown® – Since 1954


Since 1954, Shakertown has been crafting shingle panels using Western Red Cedar cut from shingle blocks to create a true shingle siding appeal. We developed the very first shingle panel, and we continue to drive the cedar industry with innovative ideas. TIME SAVED Our shingle panels are installed quickly and efficiently. Our self-leveling, 8-foot lengths allow you to install siding 10 times faster than individual cedar shingles.


There is no other building product that offers timeless beauty coupled with the long-lasting durability of Western Red Cedar, which gets better with age.

Why Choose Cedar Siding By SHAKERTOWN?

  • Material cut from traditional shingle blocks so you get a true random width cedar shingle
  • Fully bonded shingles to backer provides a superior engineered siding
  • Self-leveling and 8-foot lengths means siding 10 times faster than individual shingles
  • R-value is superior to other siding materials, saving you money every year on energy
  • Overlapping end joints protect house wrap
  • Exclusive rain screen system available on 7″ exposure panel provides 98% drainage efficiency
  • Cedar keyway joints, so all you see is cedar. You aren’t left looking at the backer, fiberglass mat, or other unsightly materials
  • Easily used on curved walls or flared walls
  • Nailing line makes it easy to blind nail the panels. Just like individual shingles, you’ll see no fasteners
  • Available pre-finished in 12 popular colors. Or choose your favorite paint or stain, and we’ll get it done

Craftsman Shingle Panel®

The Shakertown Craftsman Shingle Panel is the builder’s choice as the best cedar shingle panel in the industry. Manufactured using only the finest vertical grain Western Red Cedar heartwood, the panels are easy to install and will project a lasting beauty on any home.

Shakertown’s Cedar Cove®

Shakertown’s Cedar Cove® shingle panels are crafted by bonding Western Red Cedar mixed grain shingles to exterior grade plywood, creating 8-foot self-aligning panels. The siding is coated on all sides with an oil primer to protect from the elements, and is ready for top coat paing. Cedar Cove shingle panels install 10-times faster than individual shingles, providing authentic cedar shingle coverage in less time, with less labor and waste. It’s perfect for cabins, beach houses, or homes where a solid finish is desired.

Dolly Varden Tongue & Groove

Dolly Varden is a classic tongue & grooved Western Red Cedar Paneling that uses Shakertown’s 60 years of experience to laminate cedar to exterior backing. This system provides you a stronger, more durable engineered paneling with qualities not found in solid cedar. Dolly Varden Tongue and Groove cedar panels are composed of genuine Western Red Cedar and fir bonded with exterior adhesives (under pressure) into an exclusive 7-ply engineered panel.

Shakertown Tahoe™

The new Shakertown Tahoe™ cedar shingle panel offers a unique and dramatic appearance to your home or building. Tahoe’s ½” thick shingle butt replicates the look of 24″ Royal sidewall shingles, with a more dramatic shadow line than 18″ shingles. The Tahoe cedar shingle panel is made with 100% vertical grain Western Red Cedar. Other companies promote a thicker shingle, but it’s typically flat grain which cups, curls and splits.

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