Homeowners love to customize their homes so they stand out. This is especially true in some neighborhoods where the builder offered only a few home-style choices. The result is often neighborhoods that look like row upon row of cookie-cutter houses.

Curb appeal is the fastest way to make your home unique. You can add landscaping and lawn lighting features, of course. But did you know that one of the quickest ways to get a showpiece home is to customize your front door and entryway?

When passersby see your home, the first thing they notice is the front door. It’s the focus of your home’s exterior and one of the easiest things to customize when you partner with a door replacement specialist.


Four Choices to Consider

When planning your new front entry with a door installation company, ask them for your options concerning the following:

  •  Style
  •  French Doors or Single Entry
  •  Fittings
  •  Color

There are many ways to create a magnificent entry from these few choices.

Style – Consider the style of your home and whether you’re ready for a change. You can change the material of the door, add windows with custom glass, add ornamentation, or have built-in lighting installed. Remember not to stray too far from the innate style of your house, however. Modern doors may look too simple on a Tudor-style home, for example.

French Doors/Single Entry Doors – if your home has a single entry door and you’d like to create a unique style, consider adding custom French doors. It gives your home a grand feel and elevates the look of your property to another level. Alternatively, if your home currently has French doors, you may want to switch to a single entry door with windows on both sides, decorative stone, or even custom-carved wood.

Fittings – A wide array of fittings on the market now gives you flexibility. A relatively plain front door can be transformed with fittings with various metal finishing or even iron. Ask your door replacement company for an appointment to see their selection and get advice from the professionals before making a final decision.

Color – This is the fastest way to transform the look of your front door entry. A pop of color is sometimes all it takes to create uniqueness in a sea of repetitive house styles. You can take a color from the brick on your home or choose something that contrasts. Your door replacement specialist can advise which colors work best with your house style.


Get the Best Curb Appeal for Your Investment

Taking time to consider these four options individually can give you the best bang for your buck with regard to curb appeal. After all, every investment you make in your home can either add to or detract from its perceived market value. Experienced door replacement companies can help you make the wisest choices.


Learn More About Front Door Customization

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