Pergolas are unique structure that adds aesthetic beauty to your home and garden. The history of pergolas dates all the way back to ancient Egypt and Greece, where they were commonly seen as outdoor structures providing shade in outdoor spaces. The Romans also used them in their gardens, which were quite popular in Europe until around the 17th century.
Pergolas are experiencing a resurgence lately and have become popular as decorative features and practical additions to properties.

Popular Features of Pergolas

There are many reasons why pergolas are again a backyard darling, including these most commonly stated by homeowners:

  • Shady Comfort. In areas of the U.S. where the sun shines most of the time and warm weather is a year-round occurrence, pergolas provide practical benefits.
  • Separate & Define. Pergolas, when complementing the architectural style of a home, provide added square footage and aesthetic interest.
  • Garden Centerpiece. Adding a pergola to your garden, comprised of flowers or vegetables, adds growing space for both vining flowers and fast-growing vegetables like squash, pole beans, and melons. Material Choice. Pergolas are no longer limited to wood. Modern pergolas are often constructed of metal, concrete, bamboo, or other sturdy materials.
  • Style Options. You can choose a pergola with a roof or without, free-standing or attached to the house or deck.
  • Added Outdoor Space. A well-constructed pergola adds square footage to your existing outdoor kitchen, deck, or patio.

The 4 Best Reasons to Add a Pergola Now

1. Entertaining in Style – if you love to entertain family and friends in your outdoor space, a pergola adds space for shady seating as well as structural interest.
2. A Respite for Swimmers – if you have a backyard pool, a pergola adds a much-needed cooling-off area to relax or even nap between swimming sessions.
3. Spectacular Garden Interest – Depending on how elaborate you want to be with your new pergola, you can make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood as well as add a feature that’s very attractive to potential buyers in the future.
4. Extending Square Footage – if you have a smaller home but a good-sized backyard, a covered pergola is a great way to add both living space and square footage. It’s an investment that pays when you sell your home.

Personalize Your New Pergola

You can make your pergola even more special by adding potted trees and plants, twinkling lights, and colorful hanging baskets. Choose features that are easy to care for and quickly moved so pergola maintenance is a breeze.

You can take your personalization further by staining your wooden pergola, adding colorful glass stones to your concrete pergola, or painting a mural on your metal one. Use your creativity but keep it compatible with the architectural style of your home.

Learn More About Pergolas

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