When you own a home, you spend a lot of time and effort keeping it in good shape. Protecting your investment is wise for long-term enjoyment and building equity. Windows and window screens are an important part of that investment.

Window screen quality affects energy usage, security, pest control, ventilation, and much more.

As an industry leader provider of top-quality home solutions, Northwest Exteriors offers an unparalleled level of expertise in the world of window screens. Read on as we discuss the five types of modern window screens to help you make an informed decision for your home.

Window Screens Defined

Window screens, the barriers that allow free air flow while preventing pests, debris, and excess sunlight from entering the interior, are an essential part of any home. Based on your specific needs, they can be customized to every homeowner’s preferences.

One of the significant benefits they provide is allowing the home to be well-ventilated without entertaining hordes of insects. This provides a fresher, healthier indoor climate while blocking many common allergens like pollen and dust from entering the home.

They also help save on energy costs by shielding strong sunlight and reducing solar heat gain. This keeps the home cooler in warmer months and keeps your HVAC from working too hard. They also give privacy while you enjoy views of the outdoors.

One drawback might be the need for maintenance. Over time, screens collect dirt and allergens that block airflow and must be cleaned to function optimally.

Harsh weather conditions, wear and tear, and accidents can damage screens. Occasional repairs may be needed to keep them intact.

Lastly, choosing the right screen material for your needs is essential. Fiberglass, for example, is lightweight and budget-friendly but not as durable as aluminum or stainless steel. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each material type and consult a window installation company for advice.

5 Types of Window Screens


An affordable option for long-term durability and easy installation. Retractable fiberglass screens are a space-saving, sliding solution suitable for homes with limited space.


Aluminum is a practical choice for pet owners needing durable window screen solutions.


Solar window screens reduce heat and glare while doubling as eco-friendly window screens that offer energy savings.

Stainless Steel

Patio enclosure screens crafted from stainless steel can elevate the look of outdoor living spaces without sacrificing durability.

Copper-Bronze & Brass

These luxurious materials are aesthetically beautiful and an excellent choice for homeowners wanting curb appeal without compromising functionality.

Getting the Most from Your Window Screens

Keep these factors in mind when choosing your ideal window screen:

– Screen material options (fiberglass, aluminum, solar, stainless steel, copper-bronze, and brass)

– Your desired level of transparency and solar protection

– Durability requirements, especially for pet owners

– Your budget for installation and potential replacement costs. According to This Old House, window screen replacement typically costs $105–$482 per screen, with a national average of $310.

– Window screen maintenance requirements to protect your investment


The best modern window screen type for your home depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider material options, features, budget, and maintenance before making your final decision.

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