The Top 6 Things Your Window Installer Should Tell You

The Top 6 Things Your Window Installer Should Tell You

Choosing the right brand, quality, and features for your unique house is important with window replacement. After all, you are making a major investment to your property that you expect will help it hold and increase its value over time and provide comfort and protection.

Once you have viewed various models and chosen the right installation company, there are some important things they should share willingly with you when asked. To ensure your windows are of the best quality with high functionality and durability, ask your installer to discuss these 6 points:

  •       Are the mechanisms on my windows working properly? The installer should ideally demonstrate the properly functioning latches and cranks and how the windows close tightly to create a good seal. The windows should open and close smoothly and easily with little effort.
  •       Are these energy-efficient models? If you have decided to invest in energy-efficient windows with a specific rating, have the installer show you the labels to confirm the rating. If there are various glass options available, ask to see each one and learn the benefits.
  •       Ask about a glass seal warranty and whether or not they provide it. Double-pane insulating glass has grown in popularity in recent years for good reasons. Not only do they provide greater energy efficiency, but they also provide better comfort. However, they do have one Achilles heel. If the seal deteriorates, it is easier for water to reach the inside and cause the window to permanently fog. If this happens, your only option is glass replacement. A glass seal warranty is prudent when buying double-pane glass. Standard warranties last ten years, and some companies provide 20-year warranties.
  •       Ask about exterior fitting. This is especially important if your home is brick or stucco. It may appear that your windows fit nicely when looking at them inside the house but not so great on the exterior. You need your windows to match the old window dimensions as closely as possible to avoid hiring a carpenter to create a perfect fit.
  •       Ask if their models feature warm edge spacers. As most heat loss occurs at the edge spacer, having a stop-gap that allows less heat loss will save you money and avoid condensation. Check the label for a condensation rating or ask the installer for specifics.
  •       Are replacement parts readily available? The parts that wear out the fastest on windows are the ones most used. These include weather stripping, crank arms, and counterweight springs. Crank arms may be found at a local home improvement center but the other replacement parts are harder to come by as many vital parts are unique to a brand or model. You need to make sure replacement parts are available now and 20 years in the future.

A Professional Window Installer Works with You!

Reputable window replacement companies will welcome your questions and be happy that you want to be involved in choosing the perfect windows. Northwest Exteriors is that company.

For decades we’ve provided quality solutions for thousands of clients all over the country. Contact us today to schedule a free window assessment and quote.


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