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Tru-Frame Security Screen Doors

Tru-Frame: Northwest Exteriors provides security screens for your doors and windows

Stay Comfortable and Secure

When you want to add that extra level of protection for the things that matter most consider a security door or window screen installed by Northwest Exteriors.

Our Tru-Frame® manufacture provides a variety of screen products to work perfectly for multiple opening types. Our project managers will help you choose the right screens to compliment any new or existing opening in your home.

Our security screen products work on the following doors or windows:

  • Hinged Doors
  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • Multi-slide Patio Doors
  • Windows
ViewGuard Security Screen Door

ViewGuard Security Screen Door

According to our customers, the security screen doors are quite popular. The doors come with an extruded aluminum door panel and three sided perimeter surround. Also, the ViewGuard uses a full height continual geared hinge which makes for improved operation as opposed to a 3 or 4 hinge installation.

Because the door is made for a standard door bore and backset means it will work with just nearly all door hardware types. This also includes keyless systems and remote entry.

The ViewGuard, as well as most of our security screen products noted here, feature Meshtec Marine Grade Series 316 Stainless Steel Screen Mesh.

Meshtec Stainless Steel Screen Mesh, along with using extruded aluminum door components insures that your door will meet your durability expectations no matter where the door in installed.

Available in both single door and French Door style configurations.

Standard and custom colors available.

The Tru-View Security Screen Door

The Tru-View is our contemporary, narrow line style security screen door. The Tru-View Door features an extruded aluminum door and frame components. This door, unlike the View-Guard uses three or four hinges depending on the height of the door. The Tru-View Security Screen Door is your answer when you are looking for different options in regards to installation options.

The Tru-View door uses security screen door hardware. The deadbolt keyway is re-keyable to many of the major door hardware manufacturers keyways.

Available in both a single door as well as a French Door style configurations.

Standard and custom colors available.

Tru-View Security Screen Door
Security Window Screen

Security Window Screens

The Tru-Frame® Security Window Screen comes in multiple configurations and operation. We can build single wide (shown on left) double wide and even triple wide screens in one continual surround.

When it comes to operational options, we have those too. The screen at left shows our quick release system. You can also have a completely fixed window screen also. Lastly, we give you the option to have an inactive security window screen. This is a screen that has a keyed exterior so the screen can be placed over a fixed window and then opened from the exterior so you can clean your window. Brilliant!

Standard and custom colors are available.

Security Screen Door

The Tru-Frame® security screen doors is available in multiple configurations. This door can be made as a single door, French set up or can even be used as the panel in our sliding security door systems.

The Tru-Frame® security screen door features a heavy duty, extruded aluminum frame. The grille is an amplimesh extruded aluminum grill that gives complete protection throughout the surface of the door.

With multiple installation options available, the Tru-Frame® security screen door truly is a door for virtually any opening.

The Tru-Frame® door uses security screen door hardware. The deadbolt keyway is re-keyable to many of the major door hardware manufacturers keyways.

Standard and custom colors are available.


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