Vinyl siding has gone through a renaissance in recent years, with a vast new selection of styles, colors, and materials to choose from. Making sure you invest in the right siding for your home is crucial for increased home value and curb appeal.

The factors to consider when selecting your new home siding are texture, plank width, insulation type, and color. One great advantage of vinyl siding is its resemblance to wooden siding but with fewer maintenance requirements.

Let’s explore the variety of siding styles on the market so you can make an informed decision and investment.

Essential Features of Various Vinyl Siding Styles


Vinyl siding can be purchased in widths of 4, 5, 6, or 7 inches. Take into consideration your home’s size when choosing the width of the siding. Larger homes need a larger siding width to keep everything in proper proportion. The same goes with smaller homes, where 7-inch siding may overwhelm the structure and look odd.

Style Options

Vinyl siding is available in both vertical and horizontal styles. Both have pros and cons:

Vertical Siding

Pros – This style was originally used on barns and gives the home a long sleek look that reads modern or contemporary. It is easy to clean, doesn’t hold moisture reservoirs between the slats, is very durable, and looks unique.

Cons – It costs more, takes longer to install, and is untraditional.

Horizontal Siding

Pros – Traditional horizontal siding is easily obtained and affordable. It looks great on most architectural styles. It comes in texture variations like beaded, Dutch lap, ship-lap, and clapboard. It is quickly and easily installed.

Cons – Harder to clean and maintain; water tends to collect in crevices.

Vinyl Siding Variants

When vinyl siding appeared on the market, no one could have imagined the wide array of current designs. With 12 distinctive varieties to choose from, there’s something suitable for any style preference.

Board and Batten

Also known as barn siding, these planks can be very wide, up to 12 inches. They give a rustic look to any project.


If your home has a modern architectural style, this choice is ideal as it is without molded texture. It gives a sleek look to any home’s exterior.

Dutch Lap

This style is more sharply beveled, a more evolved form of the traditional lap, giving the home incredible visual interest.

Wood Grain

Available in both horizontal and vertical styles, wood grain has a stained wood appearance without the maintenance hassle of wooden siding.


These 4-inch planks are installed lengthwise and mimic wood. This style is perfect for colonial-style houses as they have been in use since the late 1700s in the United States.

Traditional Lap

6-inch planks overlapping each other create visual interest and repel water effectively.

Beaded Seam

If you want to level up the look of your home with a bit of elegance, this style adds a luxurious effect. However, this type tends to cost more than other types.

Cedar Shake

There’s nothing like cedar shake to create incredible visual interest while adding rich color to the home’s exterior. But be prepared to spend more time on upkeep.

Traditional Shake

Traditional shake or straight edge vinyl siding is horizontal planks that produce interesting shadows on your home’s exterior. They are available in many textures to create even more visual interest.

Staggered Edge

If you’re looking for maximum visual interest, these give the illusion of hand-split shingles while producing intricate shadow lines. It is truly an impressive look.


If you have a historical or Victorian-style home, consider this wonderful option. They are scalloped and quite unique in appearance and add significant charm to this type of home.

Log Vinyl Siding

Even though this rustic style looks very authentic, you won’t spend countless hours on maintenance. This modern version resists mold and maintains color better than real split log siding.


Now that you are familiar with the style options, you can meet with a professional siding contractor in your area to finalize your project design. They can also advise you of color and width options best suited for your home.

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