WinDor Folding Patio Doors

With your homes security and utility cost in mind, WinDor has developed a hybrid vinyl and aluminum door.

Discover WinDor: Elevate Your Home with Style and Efficiency

If your sliding door has lost its smooth glide and your entry isn’t as impressive as you’d like, we’ve got the perfect solution. Sophisticated and polished, WinDor products offer the unique style statement, effortless operation, and energy efficiency you need to elevate your home’s aesthetics. 

The WinDor Success Story: Strength, Style, and Luxury 

Founded by Gary Templin and Wolfgang Wirthgen in Brea, CA, WinDor set out to create high-quality, cost-effective window and door systems. They succeeded, and we now celebrate over 25 years of WinDor’s legacy. Today, with over a million installations, WinDor stands tall as one of California’s leading manufacturers in the industry. 

Northwest Exteriors takes pride in joining WinDor’s success story by providing their exclusive door and window systems embodying strength, style, and luxury. Explore the exclusive WinDor features designed to enhance your home’s elegance and functionality. 

Unlocking WinDor’s Exclusive Features 

WinDor’s innovative hybrid vinyl and aluminum doors and windows combine the best of both materials. WinDor cleverly eliminates the drawbacks while maximizing benefits. Say goodbye to renovation compromises and hello to energy efficiency, easy maintenance, and stunning beauty. 

The Expert WinDor Installers Near You 

As authorized WinDor installers, Northwest Exteriors guarantees your folding and multi-slide doors are meticulously installed using top-quality materials. Elevate your home with WinDor’s renowned folding door system, skillfully installed with precision for optimal function. 

WinDor 2300 Multi-Slide Doors Series: Beauty and Efficiency 

Indulge in WinDor’s durable and easy-to-maintain multi-slide door system, which is prized for its structural integrity and energy efficiency. With rigid aluminum frames and low-maintenance vinyl capping, WinDor multi-slide doors offer a unique combination of superior beauty and functionality. 

Customize Your WinDor Experience 

Personalize your WinDor doors with a variety of color and hardware selections. From frame colors to door handles, hinges, and catches, we’ll tailor your project to fit your style and preferences. The Northwest Exteriors design team creates design options to suit your home and provides professional advice every step of the way. 

Elevate Your Home with WinDor and Northwest Exteriors 

Transform your space into a haven of style and luxury with exclusive solutions from WinDor!  

Contact Us 

Contact us today to learn more about exclusive WinDor features, energy-efficient solutions, and customizable options for your home improvement project.  

WinDor 2300 Multi-Slide Doors Series

WinDor makes a durable and easy to maintain multi-slide door system that is highly regarded among industry professionals. These gorgeous multi-slide doors are known to be energy efficient reaching u-values of .28 or better.

Not only are the doors attractive but they’re structurally sound, due in part to their rigid aluminum frames with low maintenance vinyl capping. This is truly a unique combination not found with comparable doors from other companies.

Be sure to ask your Northwest Exteriors project manager if the WinDor products are right for your next home improvement project.

WinDor Door Selections

Should you decide WinDor is the best choice for your next project, our Northwest Exteriors representative will work with you, providing professional advice to help choose your colors and options. There are a variety of colors and options available as follows:

  • Frame Color
  • Door Handles Finish and Type
  • Door Pulls
  • Hinge Type and Finish
  • Door Catch Type and Finish

The basic selections will fit most home styles and designs however, if you’re interested in more customizations there are additional options to consider. We will be happy to provide the help needed to make your project look and feel just as you hoped.

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