Investing in new windows is sensible when your old ones aren’t upholding their end of the bargain. If they can no longer provide a tight seal against the elements, are cracked, or have rotting frames, it’s time for new windows.

So the process of finding a window replacement company begins. You do your due diligence, research local suppliers online, and choose a few to get quotes from.

During your search, you will undoubtedly see the many online reviews and ratings that previous clients have given them. This will undoubtedly be a mix of opinions. But there are some subjective remarks that you can easily choose to ignore. Some things are best left to your judgment.

The Top 3 Myths

Here are a few situations where you can discount online opinions and not let them cloud your decision-making:

  1. Pushy salespeople. Now, let’s be honest. Every salesperson has their style and way of interacting with a potential customer. What some people think is too aggressive; others will feel is attentive service. This could be actual anywhere products are sold. Concentrate on the salesperson’s information and how informed they are about the products. If you are getting the details you need about the product and how the window replacement project will unfold, the person is doing their job. Don’t hold what could simply be a personality clash against them.
  2. The products are overpriced. During the quote-gathering phase of your research, you will probably receive quotes that seem too high. But remember to compare apples to apples. Consider the details. Are you comparing the same product material and manufacturing process? Are the features the same, or do the more expensive windows come with add-ons at no extra charge? Are additional services included? Being fair with your price comparison could get you added benefits and great value. Just because two window products look similar doesn’t mean they are. The same is true about service and follow-up. Here is where online reviews from previous clients can give you more details that help you make a fair decision.
  3. After installation, they don’t want to know you. This is a myth we hear often; quite frankly, it depends on your chosen company. A reputable company that values its reputation in the community will always stand behind its products and workmanship. Even if you don’t buy a warranty, a reliable window replacement company that has been serving the region for many years will make things right.

Adding a warranty is an extra layer of security if the product itself has a flaw. Window replacement companies that offer guarantees are prepared to back up their products and services if need be.

Learn More About Choosing the Right Window Replacement Company

Northwest Exteriors offers decades of expertise. We stand by our record of quality workmanship and customer service excellence. We value our relationship with our clients and our community. Our mission is to dispel any myths you may have heard about the window replacement industry by proving them wrong!

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