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3 Little Known Ways New Siding Greatly Increases Home Value

Whether you just bought an established home or have been in your home for a while, it’s essential to know what well-maintained features can hold property value. This is also important when considering home renovations and improvements.

One home feature that has a wonderful return on investment is siding. The cost of new siding can increase your home’s value by up to 75% of the project cost. That’s quite a lot of bang for the buck.

But there are other reasons why new siding is a good investment that you may not know about. Most people know that new siding can provide more efficient energy by keeping the outside temperatures out and maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. And depending on the type of siding you choose, it is also very low maintenance.

The Unknown Benefits of New Siding

Unless you work in the home improvement industry and keep yourself abreast of the latest product developments, you may not know about the newest advanced features of siding or how refined the latest materials are.

Modern technology and material developments now give siding bonus feature your grandfather’s siding didn’t have. These advantages contribute to your home’s increase in value when new siding is installed on your current home. For example:

  1. Better Aesthetics. Curb appeal goes a long way in ratcheting up property value. If your home doesn’t stand out from the crowd in a good way, it won’t be attractive to buyers.

The latest innovations in siding offer a vast array of colors, choices, textures, and possible style patterns that were not previously available. You also have material options like vinyl, cedar, and fiber cement.

Just about any style, you can imagine can be achieved with one of these siding options. So whether you want to restore your home’s original appearance with siding or completely change the look of your home, it’s easy to do with the latest siding products.

  1. Structural Protection. Now that we’ve established that the right siding option can beautify your home’s appearance let’s talk about what it can do to protect its structural integrity. Siding, when correctly installed by a professional team, can shield the inner structure from water damage, debris, pest invasion, mold, and decay.

Home buyers presented with these advantages perceive your properly installed siding then as an extra value for their investment.

  1. Wind & Storm Protection. Modern siding products are manufactured to withstand high wind speeds and the battering of severe storms. Insulated siding can provide even more protection from debris. It is made with permanent foam insulation that acts as a shock absorber. This helps your home when rocks, tree debris, or hail impacts your exterior.

These Benefits Equal Increased Home Value

Imagine you’re a homebuyer looking to provide the best protection for your family in a harsher climate. Or you want to make sure your home stands the test of time, remaining beautiful for decades to come. Wouldn’t you consider a home with the latest siding a solid choice?

Learn More About Today’s Advanced Siding Options

The expert team at Northwest Exteriors is waiting to advise you on your best option for exterior siding. Contact us today or stop by our showroom to see our siding product selections.


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