If you’re a homeowner looking for ways to affordably increase home equity, outdoor living spaces give an incredible return on investment. Patios with fire pits, outdoor kitchen facilities, shady pergolas retreats, and sunrooms appeal to buyers looking for maximum relaxation in their new homes.

All three options provide elbow room for growing families or much-needed stress-free environments for retirees. They create a sense of warmth and coziness even on rainy days.

The Top 3 Outdoor Living Options to Invest In

Now that we’ve established what an excellent investment these choices are, let’s break down how they benefit you as a homeowner:

Patios & Patio Covers – Patios are flat outdoor surfaces constructed of concrete, brick, or stone. They are used for entertaining, dining, or simply enjoying your beautiful backyard gardening. Since they are a relatively blank slate to build on, homeowners commonly add an outdoor fire pit, kitchen facilities, large-screen TVs, and comfortable, weather-proof furniture. Adding a cover to the patio only increases its appeal to potential buyers. For an average investment of about $5,000, property owners can add up to 10% in perceived value. That’s an 80% ROI.

Pergolas – This type of outdoor structure is usually constructed with metal or wood. They are supported by beams or a lattice with an arched or flat roof. You have the option of attaching it to the home structure or building it as a freestanding unit in your backyard. They provide partial shade and lovely dappled sunlight, as well as a feature for vines or climbing flowers to grow. Adding climbing plants and potted flowers gives the pergola a nostalgic, relaxing feel. Add waterproof solar lights on the pergola and surrounding trees to use the structure after dark.

Sun Rooms – Formally known as solariums, sunrooms combine indoor and outdoor living spaces. They protect you from inclement weather while allowing you to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors. They allow natural light to fill the area and are often decorated with the homeowner’s favorite indoor plants and a relaxing reading chair. They are essentially a room addition to the home, increasing the square footage of living space.

In addition to increasing perceived value for future buyers and square footage for you while you own the home, these three options add a beautiful aesthetic to the entire property.
More Benefits

If you need one more reason to consider adding one of these outdoor living spaces to your home, consider what they do for your energy bill. Sunrooms help to reduce heating and cooling costs by adding ventilation and sunlight. Covered patios and pergolas provide shade, so your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a constant temperature.

Learn More About Patios, Pergolas, and Sun Rooms

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