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3 Vital Tips for Choosing the Best Front Door for Your Home

Every homeowner thinks about the curb appeal of their home. This is natural. After all, when looking at homes to purchase, wasn’t the curb appeal the thing that caught your attention? But are you aware that it isn’t landscaping or the home’s architecture that drew you in? In most cases, it is the front door.

The style, color, and material of your front door contribute significantly to the curb appeal. That’s why keeping it stylish and updated helps keep your home value high. But it isn’t the only consideration when ordering a door replacement.

The 3 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Front Door

The style and appearance of your front door are essential to its curb appeal, but the following factors should not be overlooked:

  • Insulation. Your front door is one of the main barriers against the outside elements. If your front door doesn’t provide proper insulation, it negates the energy-saving benefits it is meant to provide. Air leakage can be incredibly wasteful without tight seals around the frame. With professional installation, your front door can help to decrease your energy costs significantly.
  • Safety. Your family’s protection is another critical benefit a well-constructed front door provides. Buying a do-it-yourself door project from a home improvement center doesn’t necessarily mean you will install it properly. By partnering with a door replacement company to install your front door, you can have peace of mind knowing that your front door is giving you the safety features it should.

Another thing often skimped on in store-bought doors is the fittings. Solid and high-quality fittings and hinges are important to providing security.

  • Privacy. Some architectural styles often feature front doors with tall windows. That is fine, as long as the glass is beveled or patterned to provide privacy. However, you should also be aware that thieves easily break the low-quality glass. Be sure to choose a door with security glass. The best solution for privacy is to choose a door without windows. You can enhance the style of your home’s architecture with a custom door and handcrafted accents instead.

Other Considerations for Front Door Selection

  • Budget. Modern material options for new front doors are many. When considering all the factors, consider your budget as well. Your local door replacement company can assist you in selecting the suitable material that suits your home style and budget. Many companies also offer financing solutions.
  • Material Options. There were only a few material options for front doors in the past. But thanks to modern production methods, a wide array of choices are now open to homeowners. Choices include wood, custom wood, steel, composite, aluminum, iron, fiberglass, and hollow core. Your door replacement company can explain the pros and cons of each type to help you make the best selection.

Learn More About Your Front Door Options

Northwest Exteriors has helped hundreds of homeowners with front door replacement. We can help you too! Contact our experienced team today for more information on our wide array of options.

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