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4 Costly Issues Resulting From Bad Window Installation

So you’ve chosen a local window replacement company, visited their showroom, and ordered new windows. You may think you’ve covered all the parameters but think again, you may not have. The installation crew that comes to your home and performs the work is all important.

The proper installation team can make the difference between your windows lasting for decades problem-free and problems occurring not long after the job is completed. A reputable company will send an expert crew with the proper experience and certifications to do the job right.

Professional Window Installation Helps You Avoid Problems

Proper window installation provides you with many benefits as well as a great return on your investment. It ensures comfort inside the home, security and crime prevention, safety during severe storms, and energy savings.

But improper installation can cause headaches you don’t expect. Such as:

·        Leaks. This is generally due to incomplete or incorrect caulking. If the caulking isn’t done evenly around the entire window, it won’t perform one of its essential functions: keeping the elements out. The caulking must be level and square to prevent gaps or holes, so it stands the test of time and the weather.

Small gaps and cracks in the caulking will allow water to enter the home or, over time soften the drywall and wood around the window. If the situation isn’t fixed right away, it could also cause mold issues.


·        Operational Issues. Opening and closing your windows to clean them and allow fresh air into the home is pretty basic functionality. If the windows are not correctly installed, you could see problems opening, closing, and locking the windows.

Windows that don’t close properly won’t provide energy benefits and windows that won’t lock provide any security benefits.


·        Stains & Dark Patches. If you begin to see unexplainable stains on your windows that can’t be cleaned, or discoloration, your windows have probably not been installed correctly. This problem takes a while to manifest and is caused by water damage. If you see dark patches or even a yellow hue on the panes, it will be difficult to remove on your own. This is a problem for a professional window installer.


·        Higher Energy Bills. One of the most popular benefits of new windows is lower energy bills. As you know, good windows with a proper seal can significantly decrease energy costs. But the opposite happens if the windows are not correctly installed.


New windows that still allow heat or cooled air to escape the home result from shoddy installation. So you now have the cost of the new windows and higher energy bills. That is why professional installation by a certified crew is vital.

Learn More About the Benefits of Proper Window Installation

Northwest Exteriors enjoys a stellar reputation with our clients because of our dedication to quality products and superior workmanship. Our installation team is made up of licensed experts who can not only install your windows properly but can answer any questions you have about caring for your new windows.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule your free window inspection and quote.

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