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4 Wrong Assumptions About Professional Window Replacement

If you consider getting new windows, you’ve probably talked to colleagues, friends, and neighbors about their experiences. Replacing windows is a significant investment in your residential or commercial property maintenance, and you want to hear what the experience is like.

But don’t be too quick to believe some myths about new window projects. How it goes depends significantly on the window company you choose to complete your job.

As we will do in this blog post, the most popular misconceptions about window replacement can be refuted. Below you will find 4 of the most common. Our mission is to ensure you have reliable information on which to base your decision.

4 Misconceptions About New Window Projects

  1. All Window Companies Care About is Profit. This one is quite common and couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, some window companies may sell you one window quality and show up to install something less durable or have inexperienced installation crews whose work isn’t quite up to par. But these are generally easy to spot. If they are a brand new company or their name is a variation of a name they used last year, be wary. Some companies go out of business to avoid fulfilling warranty obligations only to start a new company, rinse and repeat.

But most professional window replacement companies are 100% legitimate and dependable. They couldn’t stick around for longer than a year if they weren’t! Customer reviews, social media ratings, and BBB rankings can tell a lot about whether a company will do its utmost for you.

  1. All Replacement Windows are Alike; pick the Cheapest. This is also a misnomer. Sure, there are varying window qualities in a company’s showroom, but no reliable company will sell you a product they know will fail. They have not only their reputation to think about but also their financial obligation if they need to replace a bad outcome. You will find a range of window options in a window company’s product line, all quality, some with more energy-saving options or longevity features.
  2. Your Energy Savings Will Be Minimal. If this were true, window companies would not be able to sell anything! One of the most vital features of modern window products is their ability to give you exceptional long-term savings on energy costs. Even government agencies test and rate all window products so you will know what kind of energy savings to expect.
  3. Fixing > Replacement. If your windows are a couple of decades old, they should probably be replaced. Why? Significant improvements in modern manufacturing have given us window options that make our homes more energy-efficient, more secure against break-ins, safe in severe weather, and more beautiful all at the same time. Depending on the material your current windows consist of, investing in the latest window products could bring you incredible benefits far into the future and increase your property’s value.

Get the True Facts About Window Replacement

Northwest Exteriors has been helping property owners with window replacement for decades. Our stellar customer reviews tell you we stand by both our product and installation. We pride ourselves on the highest quality workmanship and customer service excellence.

Contact us today for your free window assessment and replacement quote.

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