5 Sure Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

5 Sure Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

If you’ve lived in your home for many years or own an older home without recent upgrades, it’s probably time to inspect your windows. Older windows can develop flaws and issues that lead to diminished efficiency.

This can not only cost you money in higher energy bills, but it can also compromise the security of your home. And let’s not forget pests. If your windows don’t seal tightly anymore, it’s just a matter of time before those invasive insects find an opening.

Temporary Fixes Only Work For a Short Time

Some homeowners will search online for small fixes to minor problems. And there are tutorials both online and at home improvement stores that can patch old windows until you replace them. But keep in mind, this is a Bandaid, not stitches. Weatherstripping, new cranks, and window film won’t solve the problem in the long term.

Top Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

  •       Cracks – If your windows have a straight line or spider web cracks in the pane or splitting in the frame, you are already losing energy. They may also be letting moisture in which attracts insects like ants and termites.
  •       Glass Fog – If you have double or triple-paned windows with fogged panes, that means moisture has seeped inside what is supposed to be an impenetrable wall keeping energy in and water out. Condensation inside these panes can only be fixed by replacing the frames.
  •       Spongy Frame – Wooden windows can become soft as they age from an accumulation of moisture. This causes not only rot but also acts as a magnet for insects, especially termites.
  •       Sticking Frames – Opening and closing a window day in and day out for years causes tiny grooves in wooden frames. If you consistently have to fight with a window to open or close it, there are probably cracks in the frame. This compromises the integrity of the entire window.
  •       Drafts – If you begin to notice some rooms are cooler than others in the winter and hotter than others in the summer, you probably have leaky windows in that room. You can temporarily alleviate this problem with weather stripping or caulking, but that fix will eventually fail. And in the meantime, it’s costing you money in higher energy bills.

Old Windows Mean Unnecessarily High Bills

If your windows have one or more of these issues, you should consider replacing them. If you consider the month-to-month cost of higher energy bills, it is often more or as much as a monthly financing payment on new windows.

Many homeowners think by not having replacement windows installed, they are saving money when in fact, most of the time, it’s the opposite. A reputable window replacement firm will work with you to find windows that are perfect for your home and your budget.

Learn More About Affordable Window Replacement

If your windows are drafty, sticking, spongy, fogged, or cracked, the professional team at Northwest Exteriors can help. We’ve provided solutions for thousands of homeowners around the country, and we can do the same for you!

Contact our team today for a free window assessment and quote. Let us show you why we’re the window replacement specialists you need to maintain your home.


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