Once you’ve chosen your new windows and have taken delivery, the installation team will arrive to begin the project. The crew arrives and begins setting up equipment. It can seem daunting even though you are glad it’s finally happening. And while this is an exciting moment, there are some vital steps you can take to make sure the job is done quickly and efficiently.

Preparing Your Home for New Window Installation

Contrary to what you may expect, most of the prep work needs to be done inside the home as opposed to outside. Here’s a handy checklist you can use to help the installation crew work faster:

Outside the House

1. Remove obstacles outside the windows. Clearing the outside area of tall weeds, overgrown bushes, planters, furniture, pots, and ornamental fixtures will make a safe path for the crew to bring the windows forward without damaging them.

Inside the House

2. Clear the floor in front of the windows. This includes moving furniture, lamps, pet beds, or any other obstacle. Even something as small as a piece of Lego should be taken away. The last thing you need is a crew member injured in your home.

3. Take down curtains. If you have blinds or curtains over your windows be sure to remove them and place them somewhere where they won’t get damaged. Try putting an old sheet on your bed and placing the window treatments there, well out of the way of dust and debris. The same goes for any framed photos or paintings near the windows.

4. Cover the floors. Anything you already have can be used to protect your floors, like an old drop cloth, painting tarp, or large sheets of thick plastic. If you choose to use plastic, be sure to use easily removable tape to secure the plastic. This not only protects your floors but also any rugs and furniture in the room from dust and debris.

5. Cover vulnerable items. If you have items in the rooms where windows will be replaced, take the time to either remove them from the area or cover them with protective plastic or sheets. Replacing windows can sometimes be a dusty affair, especially if repairs will be made to the framework.

6. Ensure easy access. If you cannot be home when the installation crew arrives, make arrangements for a smooth entry to your home. Turn off alarms and leave a key. If you have pets make sure they are inside the home in a closed room. It’s also important to make sure your driveway or entry road is clear of obstacles like extra vehicles, boats, storage pods, etc.

By taking the time to stage your property for the window installation crew’s arrival, you will make their job easier and safer to complete quickly.

Learn More About Preparing for Window Replacement

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