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A Useful Guide to the Front Door Replacement Process

When having a new front door professionally installed, the process can seem pretty straightforward. But to ensure your project goes smoothly, here is a simple guide to completing it correctly.

Reputable companies will follow a list of procedures to ensure your new front door provides you with the intended benefits, including security, energy savings, and climate control. If one or more of these steps are omitted, you might not have a proper installation.

Prior to Installation

Your door replacement company should call you to confirm the installation date and the door model you ordered. These are essential steps to make sure you get what you ordered. A representative from the company will probably schedule a time to come to your home and take technical measurements and see if peripheral work needs to be done. This work would include repairing or replacing door frames or seals.

The advance person will also inspect the entire project area for any details the installation team will need.

Things You Should Do Before Installation Day

  • Consult with your HOA. Some Home Owners’ Associations have strict guidelines about the appearance of your home, including the front door. Show them the door specifications to ensure they are approved before the installation team arrives.
  • Remove obstructions from the installation area. This includes moving potted plants, furniture, artwork, or pet accessories from the area within 15-15 feet of the front door. This ensures that none of your valuable property is damaged or broken.
  • Contact your security company if applicable. If you have a home security system, it is essential to let them know that you are having your front door replaced. This will save headaches and confusion on installation day and possibly even fines for unnecessary police response. If your system is hardwired around your front entrance, the security company may need to come to your home and physically disconnect the system from around the doorway and reconnect it once the new door is in place.
  • Remove children and pets from the equation. This is a primary safety step that is important for both your family and the door replacement company. No one wants injuries to your children or your pets.

The Installation Process Step by Step

Once the installation team arrives on-site, they will drape the area with plastic to protect your floors and furniture from dust. They will wear protective booties and masks and ask you to do the same if you remain in the area while the work is done. The project manager will show you the product to be installed to make sure it is the correct product.

Then the team will remove the old front door and place it in their truck to be hauled away and disposed of or recycled properly. They will complete any prep work to be done to the existing framing.

Once the door is installed, the team will clean the area thoroughly and vacuum up any dust or debris. Then the project manager will walk you through the project area to ensure everything was done to your expectations.

Learn More About Replacing Your Front Door

Northwest Exteriors has decades of experience replacing front doors. Our expert team can help you get the aesthetics, energy-savings, and security you want from a new entry. Our wide array of doors in various modern materials is waiting for you! Contact us today for a free front door replacement consultation.

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