Energy-efficiency is a major deciding factor in your choice for new windows. In recent years, innovators in the home improvement industry have worked hard to maximize the performance of your windows. Competing window manufacturers continue to produce new technology, and today there are many different products on the market.

Out of every component of a window, glass is the most important in terms of energy-efficiency. The most common way to increase a window’s insulation is by introducing multiple panes of glass. Dual pane glass is separated by a spacer so that there is a gap between the two panes. With this extra layer of protection, dual pane glass is 50% more energy efficient than single pane aluminum windows!

A new trend on the market is triple-pane windows. Three panes certainly sounds better than two, but is it worth the extra cost? The answer is no, at least not here in California!

Dual-pane windows work better for the moderate California climate because they have a lower SHGC, or solar heating gains coefficient. Simply put, a low SHGC will prevent heat retention and keep your home at a moderate temperature.

Northwest Exteriors is a proud partner of Anlin Windows, California’s premiere manufacturer of dual pane windows. Anlin was established in Fresno California in 1990 and has built their business around the needs of every region in California. To make dual pane windows even more effective, Anlin has introduced two choices of insulated glass systems.

Infinit-e Plus High Performance Glazing System

Anlin’s innovative glazing technology consists of a triple layer silver metal coating and their patented Platinum Elite™ spacer.

The Infinit-e glass system’s triple layer silver metal coating blocks a significant portion of the solar heat gain from the sun. A metal coating on your glass sounds like a bit of an eyesore, but the specialists at Anlin developed this glaze to be invisible of the human eye. You won’t have to sacrifice any cosmetic value to get the most energy-efficiency out of your windows!

The design of the Platinum Elite spacer prevents heat transfer through the window. Most windows on the market today are equipped with metal spacers, which isn’t a very effective insulator. The Platinum Elite is a multi-chambered spacer constructed of silicone foam that will stop the transfer of heat.

The Infinit-e Plus glazing system also offers the option of filling the space between the two panes of glass with argon. Argon gas is heavier than air, so it will provide significantly more insulation. To complement the use of argon, Anlin offers a mylar multilayer vapor barrier to make sure that none of the gas will escape through your window.

Anlin Dual Pane Quadratherm

Anlin Quadratherm Glazing SystemThanks to Anlin’s 14 layered solar reflective coating, the Quadratherm Glazing System reduces the sun’s uv rays by an amazing 95%! While the glaze on the exterior glass reflects heat from the sun, the multi-layered coating on the interior panel retains heat to keep your house at a moderate temperature year-round.

Argon gas comes standard with Anlin’s Dual Pane Quadratherm, and is of course equipped with the Platinum Elite spacer.

Quadratherm is the most energy-efficient window technology available today. With its multiple layers of reflective coating, Quadratherm functions in a cold climate just as well triple pane glass. If you ever choose to move somewhere cold, we know that you’ll want to take your new windows with you!