Choosing replacement windows for your residential or commercial property should not be a complex process. But sadly, many new window buyers become intimidated when they see the latest products, materials, and the overwhelming number of options available. The good news is, that there are some things you can do to cut down on the confusion.

Below is a list of tips you can use to assist you during with buying your new replacement windows. These are things you should avoid during the process.

7 Helpful Tips for Window Buyers

1. Don’t Buy from Just Anyone. Most property owners will do some online research to find a reputable window replacement company or ask family and friends who they worked with. But others do a Google search and just call the first company they see.

This can be costly in the long run. Experience, reputation, expertise, and reliability, as well as having a licensed crew, are vital to a successful window replacement.

2. Don’t Forget to Ask Questions. Make a list of all the information you need to make a decision and take it with you when visiting showrooms. A good company will take the time to explain everything to you and discuss how it will all work.

3. Don’t Discount the Benefits of a Change. There are so many style options now that a change may just increase your property value, and curb appeal, and give you the traditional benefits of new windows.

4. Don’t Choose by Price Alone. While most people have a budget in mind for their new window project, don’t discount spending a little more for double the energy or safety benefits.

If you are replacing old single-pane windows, we strongly urge you to consider the money-saving features of double or triple-paned windows, which can be considerable.

5. Don’t Forget Maintenance. When choosing replacement windows, many homeowners want the same type of window they had before because they don’t want to drastically change the look of a home. Many lean toward traditional wood instead when given the option of low-maintenance vinyl windows.

This is fine, of course. But remember that wooden windows require a lot of regular maintenance to keep their beauty and functionality.

6. Don’t Forget to Consider Custom Options. Consider a custom window for that space if you have a corner of your home that doesn’t get much light. Even a small window can bring more light and life into a dark room.

7. Don’t Neglect the Warranty. Many people are so daunted by the window buying options that they just sign the paperwork when they reach a decision. Don’t forget to read the warranty thoroughly.

Every company has its warranty, and some offer more protection than others. Even “lifetime warranties” can have limitations on repairs or replacements.

Learn More About the Window Replacement Process and What to Avoid

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