We hear you if you’re tired of maintaining old siding that is chipped, fading, or cracked. Constant repair on old siding becomes more trouble than it’s worth after a while. If you’re looking to invest in new siding, you’re probably looking for a product that’s durable and low maintenance as the top two features. CraneBoard siding is your solution.

What Is CraneBoard Siding?

This revolutionary siding is crafted from an infinitely durable vinyl material that looks like wood but doesn’t have the same time-consuming upkeep requirements. It offers the same beautiful aesthetic as wood siding without having to restain or repaint it every few years.

Why Replace Your Old Siding?

If your siding has been on your home for more than ten years, it’s probably taking more of your time to maintain. When you add up the time and money it’s taking to keep your siding looking fresh, you may find that a new investment is in order. Upgrading your siding boosts curb appeal, increases your property value, and makes your siding easier to maintain.

Benefits of Siding Replacement

If you’re not sure about investing in new siding installation, here are just a few of the advantages.

  Create a stand-out look for your home. If you live in the suburbs in a sea of builder sameness, creating a unique look for your home with CraneBoard siding will help your home look unique.

  Financial rewards. Updating your siding with advanced materials that perform better will save money on energy bills from Day One.

  Effortless maintenance. New materials require nothing more than a good power wash once in a while to keep them looking fresh.

  Damage resistance. CraneBoard siding is miles ahead of other vinyl siding options when it comes to resisting debris and wind damage.

  Resale value. Home improvements like new siding are always a high perceived value in the eyes of potential home buyers.

Why Choose CraneBoard® Siding?

In short, scraping and repainting will become a thing of the past when you choose CraneBoard siding. It comes in an incredible array of colors that won’t fade as the years go by.

Its revolutionary TXL lamination Technology prevents warping and buckling. It is 50 ml thick, making it a full 200% stronger than traditional vinyl siding. It can endure up to 200 mph winds and boasts 64% resistance to hard impacts from storms.

  •       Noise Reduction and Energy Efficiency

If you want a quieter home, CraneBoard is the brand for you. It can reduce external noise by 45%. And because it’s made with Neopor, its R-value beats other vinyl siding by 19%. This creates a tranquil interior environment that is also energy-efficient.

  •       Inbuilt Moisture Management and Ventilation

The insulation profile of CraneBoard provides optimal ventilation while effectively managing moisture.

  •       ‘Life of the Home’ Limited Warranty

Having CraneBoard installed on your home gives you the peace of mind you need today while being a selling point for potential buyers in the future. CraneBoard’s seamless warranty is fully transferable when you sell your home.

CraneBoard Siding Varieties

With so many sizes, styles, colors, and shapes available, CraneBoard is the choice for a customized look. Here are some of your options:

CraneBoard® Board & Batten

Designed with wide, 10” vertical boards with seamless locking edges gives your home a classic, hand-milled cedar look.

CraneBoard® 6 & 7, offering either six or 7-inch vertical plank-styled boards, can be used for your main siding or as an accent. The realistic finish is both elegant and insulating. Moisture management ridges provide space for ventilation and interior climate comfort.

The CraneBoard Oracle™ series comes in Quad 4” Clapboard and 4.5” Dutch lap. These sidings boast a unique design mimicking true-milled cedar wood grain and have a radiant, low-gloss finish. Your home will look spectacular and stay safe through various weather conditions.


CraneBoard® offers stylish and durable siding options in many versatile designs that are sure to make your home stand out in all the right ways. Discover unparalleled quality and performance with any of CraneBoard’s exceptional siding options, and know you’ve made a savvy investment for your home.

Ready to Try High-Quality, Versatile Craneboard? Call Us!

Investing in CraneBoard siding is a savvy decision that will bring benefits for years to come, and Northwest Exteriors is the partner you need for a perfect installation process. Our history of customer service excellence and flawless work ensures your investment is safe with us!

Elevate your home’s curb appeal with a breathtaking color and style selection from CraneBoard’s wide array of options. You’ll also receive industry-leading energy efficiency and longevity from this amazingly sturdy product that soars above the competition with regard to impact resistance.

Northwest Exteriors is committed to a seamless process for you as a client. Our design team meets with you to discover your vision for your home, then creates design options that work best for you. Then our expert installation team arrives on-site to complete your project quickly and efficiently, leaving the workspace clean and safe.

Enjoy Amazing ROI with CraneBoard Products from Northwest Exteriors

We believe in this amazing line of products because we’ve seen just how well they perform after installation. Homeowners enjoy the authentic look of wood siding without all the hard work to maintain it year after year.

Beyond its magnificent visual appeal, CraneBoard siding comes with impressive environmental credentials. It is made from 100% recycled materials, minimizing your environmental impact and helping to protect our earth’s future.

This thoroughly modern siding choice also enhances insulation efficiency, bringing you savings on energy bills month after month.

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The ultimate siding solution for your home begins with a call to Northwest Exteriors’ professional team. We’re ready to answer all your questions, provide more details about our services, show you samples of CraneBoard siding, or schedule your initial design meeting and quote. Contact us today, and let’s begin. Your home deserves the best, and that’s what Northwest Exteriors brings – every time!