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Energy Efficiency

Summer is a different time for those that live in Southern California. The Los Angelinos feel a dense humidity, the desert gets a dry heat, and then all suffer an odd natural phenomenon of “June Gloom”. Obviously with all of these turbulent climate changes, there are some quick adjustments on your air conditioning. Same goes for when winter comes, the overall temperature begins to drop resulting in you cranking up the heating in your home. Either way, a lot of effort and money is put into keeping your home’s climate comfortable.

This no longer should be an issue for you. The latest technological advances have pushed into a great way to reduce your spending. Triple-layer silver glass coating is one of the new features to our product line, which blocks up to 95% of UV rays and reduces both heating and cooling costs. Our window technology has the ability to buffer the outside temperatures and keeps your home at a constant cool temperature. Don’t miss out on a chance to have a comfortable living environment.

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