Yes, you can enjoy your patio in all weather, every day of the year! To Northwest Exteriors, nothing is more important than family and friends. People tend to gather where there is a barbecue, swimming pool, or patio cover to relax and catch up with one another. Even though the backyard is the ideal place to do this, you may be stopped by foul weather, allergies, and harmful UV rays from the sun. Adding a LifeRoom to your home allows you and your loved ones to experience outdoor living with total control of your environment.

At the end of the day, we all need four walls and a roof to come home to. LifeRoom gives you shelter with fully retractable screens that are operated by remote control. Overhead, glazed skylights protect you from the sun and rain. Both the screens and the skylights deflect 95% of the suns UV rays, all without stopping any natural light from coming in.

Ideal Indoor Environment in All Weather

To create your ideal indoor environment, LifeRoom is equipped with Soft Breeze and Cool Mist technologies. Enjoy a gentle breeze with an in-line centrifugal fan that cools off AND reduces humidity within your LifeRoom. If you choose to use the “mist” function, you’ll be amazed by how fine the mist is. You won’t even be able to see it! LifeRoom is a safe haven from even the most extreme heat. With Soft Breeze and Cool Mist technologies, you can reduce the temperature within your LifeRoom by as much as 40 degrees!

Cold and rainy Winters won’t keep you out of your LifeRoom either. The retractable screens block all wind and rain to keep you dry, while energy-efficient radiant heaters work to keep you warm. No matter what the weather is like outside, LifeRoom will match the same level of comfort in your living room year-round.

Enclose Patio to Use in All Weather

Attractive LED Ambient Lighting

One of the most attractive features of LifeRoom is its ambient LED lighting system. This ambient lighting illuminates each Smooth Glide screen with soft blue light, setting the perfect mood for entertaining guests or watching a movie on LifeRoom’s larger-than-life projector TV.

LifeRoom complements any lifestyle and turns your backyard into your own VIP section. Integrate the Cool Mist into your exercise routine if you’d like. While you are doing that, why not watch a movie? If you like to barbecue on your weekends, you’ll love the remote-controlled screens to guard you from the sun. LifeRoom adapts to the limitless possibilities of what your dream backyard can do for you.

Your Perfect LifeRoom

If you are ready to experience the very best in luxury home improvement, trust Northwest Exteriors to customize your perfect LifeRoom fit for any home or budget. We promise that the outdoors will become your favorite room in the house.