If you’re a homeowner wondering how to update your curb appeal easily, take a look at your entryway and porch. Do you notice anything that looks tired and worn? Is it your door? If it is, that’s a typical response. Doors are one of the most used elements of your home and also the most ignored. But it shouldn’t be. The doors to a home are like eyes to a person. It’s the first thing people notice.

Choosing a new front door is a fun task, but you shouldn’t just settle for the first one that catches your eye. New, modern materials have given us many more options, and there are more things to consider besides beauty.

Which Front Door Best Suits Your Home?

The door choices now may have you reeling! You can choose from traditional wood, molded fiberglass, and welded steel, among others. Should your door have windows? Would you like customized accents? There are a lot of options available.

Consider the functionality of your current front door. If you have indoor dogs or kids who make plenty of scuffs and scratches, you may want to replace your wooden door with a steel one. If you want your door to make more of a style statement, think about having a custom door with iron accents or a streamlined door with your house number stamped into the metal.

Your house style should factor into your decision. If you live in a historic Victorian home, your front door should reflect the same architectural era. If you live in a mid-century modern, a sleeker design fits best.

Choose the Right Door Material

Along with being cohesive with the style of your home, your new front door should be the right material for your lifestyle. Take a look at your options below:

  •  Wood – Nothing compares to the natural beauty of wood when it is crafted by a skilled artisan. Wood gives your home a classic touch, and it’s a natural energy-saver. Your wood choices include mahogany and walnut, which can be stained or painted to your desired finish. They can be crafted with or without glass panels.
  •  Steel – Steel is the most robust material that will provide maximum security for decades to come. The color can be easily changed with paint updates and are virtually maintenance-free.
  •  Fiberglass – This material provides efficiency with little maintenance. Fiberglass is dent-resistant, and it won’t rust, split, or crack. If you like the security that a steel door offers but don’t want to make the investment, fiberglass is a good alternative. It is also very durable, making it a natural choice for families with pets.

Learn More About Your Door Material Options

Northwest Exteriors offers door installation in a wide array of materials, styles, and colors. Our design consultant can advise on which material best suits your home and lifestyle.

Contact us today to schedule a free design consultation. Our expert team will guide you to the right door choices for a beautiful entryway.