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Here’s How to Enjoy a Quick, Mess-Free Window Installation

Any time you undertake a renovation project in your home there will be some disruption to your daily life and yes, a little mess. This is especially true if you are doing the renovation yourself with little to no prior experience. Hiring professionals to do the work cuts down on the mess considerably, as they do projects day in and day out. They know how to both avoid mess and how to properly clean up after it’s done.

But even though these experts know how to do their jobs with the least amount of mess, there are things you can do to make the project easier and less messy.

Preparing Your Home for Window Replacement

  • Taking the following steps before the installers arrive will cut down on installation and clean-up time:
  • Prepare the area around the windows both inside and out.
  • Remove any photos, furniture, rugs, and home décor in each room or cover them with drop cloths.
  • Don’t forget to clear the entryway of obstructions for speed and safety reasons.
  • Move or remove any ornaments or large plants from the outside of windows and make sure any low-hanging branches are trimmed.

During the Window Replacement Process

Place large sheets of plastic or large drop cloths underneath each window opening. Be sure to tape them securely in place to avoid falls. If an installation team member slips while holding one of your windows either the team member or the window could be harmed.

While the new windows are being installed there isn’t much that can be done to minimize mess. It is for all intents and purposes an active build site. Dust and debris will inevitably fall on the floor and surroundings immediately adjacent to the window.

After the Windows are Installed

The window replacement company has no doubt sent a team of seasoned pros who know that clean-up is just another part of the job. They know that leaving your home as clean as possible after installation is the ethical and professional thing to do.

Let the installation team clean up all their materials, tools, and debris. Once they leave, you can remove the drop cloths around the window and continue cleaning until it reaches your personal standards. If you have done your preparation well, there shouldn’t be much to clean.

We recommend vacuuming and washing your floors (if needed) before removing the drop cloths from your furniture and other belongings. Once cleaning is completed you can begin placing your furniture and décor into their original places.

Post-Installation Check

Before leaving your property the team leader will conduct an inspection both inside and outside the home to ensure all the debris from the job has been removed.

Learn More About a Mess-Free Window Replacement for Your Home

Northwest Exteriors is a professional company with the installation expertise you need for your next window installation project. Our decades of experience are evident in our beautiful results, and we leave your property clean and safe for you to enjoy.

Contact our customer service team today for a free assessment and quote. You’ll be glad you did!

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