If you live in an area with severe weather or high winds, you will need windows built to withstand that weather. Storms can roll in quickly, and if your windows aren’t up to the task, they could break, leak, or at the very least be weakened and take on damage later.

Windows protect you and your family from harsh elements. They also keep the climate inside your home comfortable during storms. This makes choosing your new replacement windows a critical decision, including the frames.

Knowing the demand severe weather puts on your windows, we’ll lay out some prominent window features that can make all the difference.

5 Things to Look for in Storm Windows

  •       The Right Panes. Double panes make sense when you live in an area where cool or even snowy weather can occur along with severe storms. They hold up incredibly well in colder climates and have an excellent seal to maintain moisture. They also keep your temperature comfortable inside the home and support the heat in and the cold out.
  •       Good Energy Rating. Another important aspect of buying new windows for a harsh climate is energy efficiency. When browsing the selections at your local window replacement company, look for the Energy Star Rating label. Windows with a good rating will be the better option for you in the long run, even though they might cost a little more than windows with a lower rating which is perfectly fine for mild climates.
  •       The Right Frames. Choosing frames for a home in a harsher climate means paying attention to more than just the aesthetics. Windows aren’t just for beauty; they need to perform vital functions. When it comes to harsher climates, the best selection would be a double-hung window. They are highly efficient at keeping out cold air and moisture. They also have a tight seal that keeps warm air inside the home, which keeps you comfortable and saves you money on energy bills.
  •       The Right Glass. Low-E or low-emissive glass is treated during manufacturing to maintain the home’s cool climate while letting sunlight in.
  •       The Right Construction. When it comes to storm windows, overlapped joints may be more robust and better for your home in harsh weather. Windows with overlapping joints create a better seal and keep the elements outside where they belong.
  •       The Right Track Type. If you are choosing double-hung windows, you should make sure the windows have a two-track configuration. There should be an outer track for the half screen and an inside track for the pane. The outer track is immovable, while the inside track allows the pane to slide open to let fresh air in.

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