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How to Test Your Windows for the Best Efficiency

Even if your windows still look good, they should be periodically tested for efficiency. Your windows need to provide security, insulation, and energy savings. If your windows have developed even a tiny leak, it can become more prominent over time, robbing you of these benefits.

If you notice your air conditioner working harder than usual in the summer or your furnace working harder in the winter, it could be a sign that your windows have leaks. If they do, it may be time for a window replacement.

One quick way to test your windows is to make sure they open and close appropriately without strenuous effort. Also, look to see if the glass is still sealed and if there is condensation inside the double panes. Below are three more ways to check the seals on your windows.

3 Ways to Tests Windows for Proper Seals

·        Smoke – testing for minimal gaps that aren’t obvious to the naked eye can be done using smoke. After closing all the windows in your home, turn off your HVAC and turn on any exhaust fans in the house. Light an incense stick and hold it close to the windows. Does the smoke enter the window? If so, you have gaps.

·        Light – To test for more significant gaps, have a family member go outside and stand by the window you are testing after dark. Then shine a flashlight around the window frame. The elements can also pass through if they see the light coming through.

·        Moisture? – If you can see condensation in the space between panes, you have a gap somewhere in the window. This means the seal is broken, and your windows are not protecting you from the elements or high energy costs.

Professional Testing for Window Efficiency

Your window replacement experts may also use an infrared camera to test ambient air pressure inside the home. On a cold day, they will place the camera outside the house to detect where warm air is escaping. The various levels of white, orange, red, and yellow indicate how much air is escaping and from which windows.

What to Do if Your Windows Fail the Test

If the tests reveal that your windows are no longer properly sealed, they are not doing their job. Window repair or replacement is the next step. Contacting a trusted local professional for a complete window inspection and replacement quote is commonly no cost and worth your time.

Replacing inefficient windows will save you big money in the long term. By providing optimal energy efficiency and occupant safety, your new windows will be a valuable investment for your property in many ways.

Learn More About Professional Window Testing & Replacement

The experts at Northwest Exteriors have helped hundreds of residential and commercial property owners by replacing inefficient windows. By replacing old windows that leak, you can reap cost savings for as long as you own the property and increase its value.

Contact us today to schedule your free window assessment and quote.

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