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Important Window Replacement Terms You Need to Know Now

When shopping in a window company’s showroom, you’ll hear industry terms you haven’t heard before. It pays to understand the terminology to ensure you know all the details about new window products.

We will provide many of these terms here, but if you speak with the customer service specialist and hear a term not listed here, we advise you to ask for more details. The more you know about the replacement window products and how the process works, the better your decision-making capability. An informed buyer is a savvy buyer.

Window Company Industry Terms

Here are some of the window replacement terms you may hear while shopping for new windows:

  • Weather Stripping – This is probably a term you’ve heard before, and you may already have experience with this material. But if you don’t, weather stripping is the thin, weather-proof material that wraps around the window frame to create an impenetrable seal. This keeps moisture and air outside the house where they belong.
  •  Low-E Glass – This isn’t a particular pane of glass but a unique coating put onto the glass during manufacturing. It blocks out strong infrared and ultraviolet light without eliminating light from home entirely. The light that it does allow into the house is not harmful to you or your décor.
  • U-Factor – This is a rate of measure for the window’s insulation effectiveness. The lower the U-factor, the better insulation it will provide.
  • Argon Gas – To increase energy efficiency and help lower your energy costs, this colorless, odorless gas is placed in the space between double-paned windows.
  • Spacer – This is what separates the panes of glass in windows with an insulated glass panel.
  • Casement Window – Available as both flat-sill and sub-sill, these windows include a frame, sash, weather stripping, and crank operation for opening and closing.
  • Krypton Gas – Although this sounds like something Superman should avoid, this is just a different type of odorless, colorless gas that aids insulation between two window panes.
  • Double Hung – This window type is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience when airing out the house or cleaning the windows. The windows are constructed with two movable sashes. They open and close vertically.
  • Picture Window or Fixed Window – As the name suggests, this type of window cannot be opened or closed but is entirely stationary. It is generally combined with an operating window. A fixed window’s advantages are more home light and a spectacular view of the landscape outside.
  • Condensation Resistance – Commonly referred to as CR, this measures how well a window blocks the formation of moisture inside it. When researching a window’s CR, look for a high number rather than a low one.

Learn More About Window Replacement Terms

The expert industry experts at Northwest Exteriors are eager to assist you with a better understanding of replacement windows. Contact us today to set up a consultation at our showroom or a window assessment at your residence.

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