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Milgard Essence Wood Windows

Milbard Essence Wood Windows: Just beautiful! Combines a solid wood frame interior with with a long-lasting fiberglass exterior.

Milgard Essence

A popular choice for homeowners, architects and builders, you can’t go wrong when choosing Milgard Essence Wood Windows for your next home project! The natural beauty of wood is virtually unmatched and when properly installed will provide a lifetime of beauty and functionality.

Wood has always looked lovely and contains natural insulating properties inside the home. The challenge is, using wood on the exterior of the home presents durability problems. Milgard has solved this with their Essence Series® by using durable fiberglass on the exterior to protect a solid wood interior resulting in long lasting beauty and exceptional functionality.

Here at Northwest Exteriors, we have years of experience providing our customers with Milgard replacement windows, including the Essence Series wood windows. When considering going with wood for your next home improvement project be sure to ask your Northwest representative for more information and pricing.

Milgard Essence Wood Window Features

Essence Series windows provide multiple design possibilities and options. The fiberglass exterior comes in 16 designer colors that fit any style or trend.

The Wood interiors come in clear vertical grain fir, natural pine or primed pine. Once installed, they can be painted or stained to complement your home’s design.

Then, there’s virtually no limit to window combinations you can choose from.

Picture windows are available in casement/awning and double hung/glider frames that create a clean, consistent look when used with the matching operating style.

Milgard Essence Series Engineering

Milgard has engineered the Essence Series wood windows to use an innovative mulling system that more securely connects multiple window units, resulting in a tight seal and protecting from the outdoor elements.

Water Management
Milgard has also developed a highly effective water management system, specifically for the Essence Series wood windows. If by chance water enters the sash system, it is directed away from the wood interior, thus allowing the window to perform at a higher design pressure than most other wood windows. the bottom line is, the Essence wood windows perform outstanding in all conditions.

Air and Water Protection
The Milgard Essence Series wood windows exceed industry residential standards for air and water filtration and forced entry, protecting your home against the elements and helping keep your family safe.

Milgard Essence Wood Details
Milgard Essence Timeless Design

Timeless Design

Essence Series windows offer a variety of design possibilities. The fiberglass exterior is available in 16 stylish and trendy colors.

Interiors are available in clear vertical grain fir, natural pine or primed pine. Seal or stain the natural pine or fir to complement the wood finishes in your home. Or go with primed wood and paint the color of your choice.

Because Essence Series has an innovative mulling system, there’s virtually no limit to window combinations.

Picture windows are available in casement/awning and double hung/glider frames that create a clean, consistent look when used with the matching operating style.

The design of each of these combinations will create even sight lines throughout your home.

Milgard Essence Series Operating Styles

Double Hung Window
Horizontal Slider
Casement Window
Picture Window
Radius Window

Essence Series® Radius Casement – New!

We’re excited with Milgard’s new radius casement wood windows! In the past, radius windows have almost always been a complete custom milled production. See below what Milgard is saying about their Essence Series Radius Casement wood windows

  • Arched or round-top styles.
  • Select interiors to match all Essence Series windows & doors.
  • Concealed hinges look slick!
  • Special exterior allows for shapes, 16 exterior colors.
  • Operating handle in five finishes.
  • Multiple grid options.
  • Operable sizes from 24” to 84”.
  • Frame accessories to match.
Milgard essence radius Casement
Milgard Lifetime Warranty

Milgard Lifetime Warranty

Milgard offers a unique Full Lifetime Warranty! It's easy to understand and comes with the best support in the industry. They offer to repair or replace any defect in materials or workmanship and will pay the costs of all parts and labor as long as the product purchaser is a homeowner.

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