Upgrading your home’s windows is a big choice, and sometimes an intimidating one. Unfortunately, the uncertainty of homeowner’s and the unreliability of certain contractors has led to myths and rumors in the home improvement world. Northwest Exteriors wants you to find the best windows for your home with full confidence, so we strongly encourage you to research all things windows. Here are some things we’d like for you to keep in mind when shopping for new windows…

Myth 1: You cannot replace windows during the Winter
First, we want you to know that you CAN replace windows during the Winter. This may sound like the worst possible time. After all, you don’t want the rain and cold entering the shelter of your home. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, the pros at Northwest Exteriors close off each room exposed to the elements so that there won’t be any change in temperature in the rest of your house.

You may also be concerned about people tracking in dirt and debris into your home, but this problem can easily be avoided. We’ll have one of our window technicians working from inside the house and one working from the outside. This will keep your floor clean and will even make it possible for us to install your new window faster! We can typically complete the job in a day, but if the job requires two or more days to finish we can cover up any window opening overnight.

Myth 2: Window installation ruins the structure of your home
All of our windows are retrofit, which means that you won’t have to tear up the siding or brick in your home to install them. If the foundation of your home is already rotting, we’ll patch up the rotting wood so that we can install your new windows with the same standard of excellence that you’ve come to expect from Northwest Exteriors.

We are capable of installing any window to your home, regardless of the style of window or the material that it is made out of. If you’re tired of the look of your windows, an expert at Northwest Exteriors will guide you through the process of finding the perfect window that fits you and your personality.

Myth 3: All windows are created equal
The most popular choices in today’s windows are vinyl, aluminum, and wood. There are pros and cons to all three, but we only stock the highest quality of windows. No matter which building material you choose, you’ll be getting the very best in energy-efficiency, shelf-life, and of course beauty.

Did you know that your home loses 70% of its energy through the windows? 90% of this heat loss occurs through the glass. We stock windows with low-e glass. the very latest in window-glazing technology. This glass reflects heat from both the inside and the outside, which will keep out heat during the Summer and keep your heat in your home during the Winter. Not only will this make your home more comfortable, you also won’t have to run your air conditioning as much saving you money on your heating and cooling bill!