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The 4 Ways Vinyl Siding Is Super Durable

Many homeowners already know some of the benefits of vinyl siding. It’s easy for a professional to install without any major issues, simple to maintain, and looks great. But one question homeowners ask themselves before they invest in siding is: how durable is it?

After all, you’re investing in your property and want to make sure it will reward you for years to come. Some questions you may be asking yourself are whether it will stand up to severe weather conditions or a harsh climate. Does it handle temperature changes well without damage? Can it stand up to debris in a bad storm?

Those are all fair questions. You can rest assured that modern vinyl siding is extremely durable and brings other advantages you may not have realized.

4 Attributes That Make Vinyl Siding Durable

  1. Energy Benefits – it isn’t just materials that make siding durable; it’s also energy efficiency. Not only is this great for the environment as a whole, but it’s great for your budget.

And if you choose the slightly more expensive insulated siding option, the return on investment is a lot quicker than you think. You’ll be happy you chose this option when you see your lower energy bills each winter.

  1. Water & Wind Resistance – Vinyl siding is built to withstand water and keep it from entering your home. This material will withstand the toughest storms and rainfall. More than that, it keeps your walls dry so no mold can form. Vinyl siding is crafted with strategic holes every 6 to 8 inches, so any water that makes it inside is quickly channeled out again.

Those living in coastal areas benefit greatly from having vinyl siding professionally installed. Vinyl performs better than other materials when it comes to moisture and even salt. As an added bonus, you won’t have to paint it every few years as you do with wooden siding.

  1. Easy Maintenance – While other homeowners will be having their homes repainted every few years, you’ll be relaxing in the backyard. Vinyl siding only requires a hose and soap to keep it looking its best.

You might be wondering about stains or dark marks on the vinyl and if you’ll need to paint it. A simple scrub with soap and water will remove them.

  1. Long-Lasting – Durability is engineered into all modern vinyl siding products. Designers wanted to bring a low-maintenance product to market manufactured with color retention properties that hold up to extreme weather. That’s why your local vinyl siding company can offer lifetime warranties worry-free.

Learn More About the Durability of Modern Vinyl Siding Products

At Northwest Exteriors, we take pride in offering the best vinyl siding products on the market, expertly installed. Our team of industry professionals has helped hundreds of homeowners choose the perfect siding products for their homes. We can help you too!

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