Every homeowner likes to make improvements and keep their property looking its best. Your front door is the focal point people notice first. Updating your front door to current trends keeps your property value and aesthetics in line with current trends.

Current trends are utilizing modern materials with an added flourish to match the architectural details of each home. Whether your home is modern, mid-century, or historical, an updated front door replacement can add interest and curb appeal.

Door Trends for 2023

Currently, front door trends are continuing the themes from 2022, so if you replaced your front door last year, you’re still within the range of what buyers want. But if you’re interested in updating your front entry, check out the following options:

  • Wider Front Entry Doors – Single doors in standard sizes are no longer your only option. Many homeowners are choosing a wider front door. You can do this by choosing wider single doors or the two-leaf door option.
  • Going Bold with Color – A lot of homeowners balk at adding a front door in a bold color, opting instead for the traditional neutral choice. But it’s worth looking at “wow” colors to add easy curb appeal. Blues, reds, yellows, and even teal are becoming increasingly popular. Just be sure to keep the color palette in line with your other architectural enhancements and landscaping.
  • Glass Details – This new trend may not seem unique at all, but the kind of glass accents incorporated into the door is new indeed. You can choose plain glass panels with iron accents, painted glass, or even glass artwork that’s been custom designed to enhance the existing style of your home.
  • Wood Stains – Forget about bland choices in wood stains for your new front door and embrace the modern stains available on the market. Stains are an excellent option for homeowners who want a pop of color but are too shy to go with a very bright steel or fiberglass door. You get the same color impact, but the result is more subtle.
  • Modern Materials – Fiberglass and steel are quickly becoming popular. They both have advantages over traditional wood, such as better security, protection against pests, and energy savings. They can also be customized to blend with the style of your home as much as other materials. The maintenance of this material is also relatively easy.
  • Smart Doors – As an added layer of security, it’s hard to beat a smart door. They can be programmed to automatically lock or unlock, saving you the time you usually fumble for your keys.

They send alerts when visitors approach and when a break-in happens.

Countless new door options are now available from your local door replacement experts. Having a new front door installed is a relatively inexpensive way to update the look and feel of your property.

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