As technology in the home improvement industry has continued to advance, vinyl frame windows have become the preferred choice of homeowners and builders alike. As Sacramento’s premier contractor, Northwest Exteriors has proudly taken part in the vinyl revolution. We offer the best brands on the market and guarantee that we have the right vinyl frame window for you. There are many attractive features to each window in the Northwest catalog, but here’s what all vinyl frame windows have in common…

When seeking replacement windows, your eye will naturally be drawn to the luxurious appearance of vinyl frame windows. Whether you choose a window with a clean-cut, modern design or one with soft and intricate detailing, you can tell by their sturdy build that they were meant to last a lifetime. When choosing a vinyl frame window, be sure to consider the rest of the house… a new window has the ability to make all the other details in your home pop and bring out its natural charm.

Anlin Vinyl Framed Window ExampleAluminum, steel, and wood frame doors contract in the cold and expand in the heat. This push and pull on the window frame causes the seals to break, which will eventually lead to problems such as fogging, condensation, and drafts. Vinyl frame windows have a honeycomb design inside the frame. This honeycomb design conforms to constricts along with the windows natural constriction and expansion without warping the exterior of the frame!

Since this ensures that the seals between frame and glass will not be broken, we guarantee that you will never have to replace your home’s windows again. We are so confident in the quality of our vinyl frame windows we offer an all-inclusive lifetime warranty!

You may not think that windows do anything beyond keeping out the sun and rain, but did you know that you can actually save money on your heating and cooling by upgrading your windows? By combining the strength and endurance of vinyl frame with the newest in energy-efficient glass, you can save 40% on your heating and cooling bill! With these monthly savings your new windows will pay for themselves, and you’ll also get a higher price for your house when/if you decide to sell. That means short-term savings, long-term savings, and even a profit for you as a homeowner!