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WinDor Folding Windows

WinDor Folding Windows: We are pleased to include Win-Dor folding windows as one of our primary choices for folding windows

WinDor Folding Windows

WinDor manufactures folding windows using a special combination of of materials to create an extremely strong, quiet, energy efficient and weather resistant door or window. And unlike other manufacturers, Win-Dor combines both vinyl and aluminum to offer customers something truly unique.

Because of it’s strength and rigidity, aluminum is an outstanding use for constructing bifold windows. It enables installations in larger openings as opposed to the traditional vinyl bi-folding windows. Conversely there are several drawbacks to a standard aluminum window system. Just like aluminum windows, it eventually corrodes and breaks down. Secondly, aluminum is great at transferring energy. Because of this, an aluminum bifold system will not be as energy efficient.

Win-Dor set out to create an extremely durable, strong, very low-maintenance energy efficient folding window system that is likely the the best available anywhere! Their use of rigid aluminum frames with a durable, low maintenance vinyl capping and a reduced sill creates an exclusive combination you won’t find with other manufactures.

WinDor Folding Window Features and Benefits

WinDor offers the following features and benefits, suitable for any new construction or remodel project.

  • Modern designs with attractive lines and contours
  • Window panels constructed of white uPVC and will not peel, rot, or swell
  • Order windows specified to swing in or out
  • Aluminum frames are thermally enhanced
  • Integrated locking system is standard in most configurations
  • Stainless or bronze powder coated hinges
  • Window pulls available in white, brushed chrome, black & brass
  • Panel configuration s customized up to 52' wide
  • Standard frame colors are bronze & white
  • Threshold available in bronze or clear anodized finish
  • Choose windows from a variety of optional custom colors.

WinDor Custom Window Configurations

The WinDor folding windows can be mulled together as follows:

  • Large picture windows
  • Other Folding doors or windows

Lots of grid options to choose from:

  • 5/8" Colonial Flat Grid
  • 1" Continental Sculptured Grid
  • SDL or Simulated Divided Lite
  • Beveled Glass

WinDor Color Options

WinDoor interior frame colors are available in stock colors of white and beige. The exterior frame colors include beige, taupe, dark bronze, black, silver and of course, you can always go with custom colors. Then, the hardware is available in brushed stainless steel and bronze PVD.

Remember, our Northwest Exteriors representative will help guide you with every step so your end product will look amazing.

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